make money with app
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7 Best Ways to Make Money with Mobile App in 2021

Besides selling their products and services via apps, brands can use particular strategies to increase their profits directly through app usage. In this article, you would how brands can make money with apps and related details.

mobile app benefits
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Mobile app benefits in different industries

Mobile application development might sound difficult. But, with the several open and cross platforms, both designing and development has become easy. All one has to do is plan a proper strategy and implement it in the development process so that the application can define one’s business perfectly.

building mobile apps
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Building Mobile Apps for Foldable & Large Screen Mobile Devices

The mobile applications strategies have now started revolving around foldable devices since they are the new trendsetters. They are the smartest inventions of the era since they allow the users to fold the screens whenever it is not in use thus improving the user interactions.

mobile app
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What type of Architecture does your Mobile App need?

A unique mobile app comes from creative ideas from different minds. The design requires knowledge of graphic designing, market research, and programming. So, let’s see what type of architecture is good for your mobile app.

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Android vs iOS: What makes Android stand out

if you are just starting out in the world of mobile app you should go with Android! As the number of users is more it will definitely give your business the reach it needs at the initial stage. In the battle of Android Vs. Apple, there are specific nuances that we can discuss to judge Android to be better than iOS.

review for app
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4 ways to encourage users to review your app

App reviews can build trust, increase your app’s visibility, and encourage people to download and interact with your content. App reviews are also a great source of customer feedback. Let’s see some ideas with which you can encourage your audience for reviews.

User expectations
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5 ways mobile apps can meet and even exceed user expectations

Here are few ways of driving better user experience and exceeding user expectations to give them the best of the best. You continuously have to find the best ways for user experience. The devil is in the details, so never try to underestimate even the slightest of shifts.

promote mobile app
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Ways to Promote Your Mobile App For Free

Promote mobile app to get user attention on your app and increase the reach. Implementing marketing tactics is as important as building an app with an excellent output. Also, even if you don’t have enough resources to develop or improve your app it is very important to promote it. In this blog, you can learn about the ways of how can you promote mobile app.

Travel apps
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How travel apps are transforming classic agent booking process

There has been a significant shift in people trusting travel apps more than their local agents. Some travelers want to explore but doesn’t really want to take pain for it and that’s where travel apps comes in the picture. Let’s see how travel apps are changing the way you travel.

No code app development
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An Overview of Android App Development Without Coding

there are multiple ways in which businesses can create Android mobile apps, even without coding skills. It is necessary to properly consider the options available and learn the tool functionality beforehand. Also, entrepreneurs should do proper research first to understand customer demands for apps.

Payment Gateway
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Mobile application payment gateway in 2021: everything you need to know

We are moving towards a cashless future, away from the annoyances of a type of transaction that involves complications. Instead mobile payment systems such as Google play, apple play, and pay-pal are leading the way when it comes to simple and secured online transactions.

beauty services app
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How to Build an OnDemand Beauty Services App

In this time where people prefer everything online, building an on-demand beauty app is the perfect solution to recover all the revenue they lost during this difficult time. And for customers, it’s the perfect solution to access all their beauty needs in one place – through beauty mobile app.

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