A Detailed Guide to Start with iOS Development

iOS App Development

iOS app development is different from your Android app development. Apple launches a different product every year to maintain the large portion of market shares that it holds. Apple has made a huge customer base with a long series of products in both iPad and iPhone. There are around 2.09 million applications already in the apple store for the users to use. This is probably the reason why developers want to build an app suitable for the apple store. 

Not only this, it is a known fact that iOS works faster and better than Android. The apps are smoother and do not glitch. One more important reason why developers choose to develop iOS is that the apple store earns more profit than the Google store every year. The good news is that iOS app development is much easier than you think. This detailed guide will walk you through every step of building the perfect iOS application for the iPhone. 

Things to work on before developing iOS apps

Before jumping into the ideology of creating an iOS app, it’s necessary to start the iOS app development guide with research work. So, when you have already figured out your market, the quality, design, your team, and the type of code to use, you will be ready to build the app in no time. 

• Run market research

The key to a successful business venture is good market research. This indeed is more important when the developer is carrying iOS mobile app development. It is mostly because here the competition is not only local but also international. Hence, developers have to make sure it is carefully vetted and has a unique selling point to make it a hit.

Plus, when they closely analyze the weakness and strengths of the app service, they can learn from their mistake and make them better. Moreover, it also serves as future knowledge for improving the experience of the users. 

• Keep the quality high

According to the industry report, as of Jan 2017, there is an increase in the number of apps, i.e., 2.2 million iOS apps available to users to download for iOS devices. This means that the audience you are targeting has a large option to switch to if they find any compromise in the quality. The most important duty of developers is to make the iOS app smooth and free of any glitch. The users have grown impatient towards bad performances; they are always ready to switch to better-performing apps that offer similar services. So, to protect your interest, you have to take steps accordingly. 

iOS App development
• Choose design wisely

The most frequent mistake made by designers is that they spend less time designing the iOS app maker website. Always keep in mind that your target audience only returns to the app if they feel it to be attractive and friendly. 

However, if the user has a bad experience, they are likely to abandon your app irrespective of the services you offer. According to studies, around 25% of the app’s share gets abandoned by the users only after one time of use. 

So, during the iOS mobile app development, do not hesitate to edit it over and over again if you do not feel completely satisfied. 

• Form the right team

There are a lot of app development studios and independent app developers who like to work for themselves. Depending on the level of their experience, they have something unique to offer to your venture. A developer team is said to be an excellent one if they provide iOS Mobile app development service ranging from UI to new features in the app, and better market technique of the app. So, make sure to choose the right who has these things to offer. Moreover, the best way to do that is to check their portfolio thoroughly. Also, if possible, discuss their performance with their previous clients. The clients will surely tell all about their experience. 

• Code correctly

App code is not something users will be able to see, but it is important as the quality of the code will reflect its image on the app’s speed, size, and the way it runs. In addition, it determines how users feel when they operate your app. So, it must be a perfect balance of quality and cost-effectiveness. If you focus on saving the cost more, the coding might turn out to be bad. As a result, it will prove to be much more expensive in the long run.

How to develop IOS application: Step by step

Many developers think developing an app for the iOS mobile app development platform is an easy task, but it is not. They must take care of various developer rules set by the company to ensure a private, user-friendly, and secure user experience. The following steps will ensure that the app developed will meet all the developer’s rulesets. 

#Step 1: Compliance with app store guidelines

The first step in developing the perfect iOS app is to comply with Apple’s strict rules. Apple only allows those apps in their store that meets all their requirement relating to design, user privacy, security, and other criteria. Moreover, you cannot get an entry by any other means. This is why most of the app in an apple store look similar but also have some uniqueness. This is a sign of a greatly made iOS app.

#Step 2: Design everything before actually developing the app
Wireframing & Concept

It is important to document the requirement for the design team to refer to. According to the concept, the team will develop a wireframe meaning digital sketches or blueprints depicting how the app will look in the end. This step will lay the foundation for the subsequent steps followed for iOS Mobile app development. 

UI and UX design

The key processes for creating an app are UI and UX design. It determines how the user will feel while operating the app and also how it will look like. This step aims to create an app that both looks appealing and is easy to navigate. UI and UX should also match all Apple’s guidelines.

Software architecture

Another major step to follow in the iOS app development guide is the planning of the software architecture. It is one of the important stages in iOS app development. It is responsible for three components of the MVC or model view controller paradigm, i.e., the user, the data, and the software. Furthermore, it helps to take all the measures against ensuring the scalability and stability of the app. 

#Step 3: Carrying required steps in developing the best iOS app

All the initial steps will help get the apple store requirements ready and the app’s design completed. But the most important phase of the entire iOS app development begins with this development phase. The development phase will show the final result of all the hard work put in. At this point, the developers have to work co-ordinately handling three different parts of the project- the API, the backend, and the front end of the app. 


The API serves as a connection between the front and the back end of the iOS mobile application. Also, it forms one of the integral parts of the app development process.

The backend

When it comes to the functionality of the app, backend development forms the core component. It involves the entire server-side development like the user account authentication, maintenance, and functioning, pushes notification services, account management, third-party integration for running it into social media, and user experience customization.

The front end

The frontend part of the app is the side through which the user will interact. It will decide whether the user will use the app or abandon it after one time of use. It includes coding multiple design elements like mockups, wireframes, database synchronization, and catching. A well-developed frontend will let the user enjoy a smooth experience on different screen sizes and orientations.

Other things to take care of

Before moving forward to the iOS app development, there are other things to consider relating iOS app maker website as well. For example, selecting the fitting technology and the suitable programming language to be used in the process. Every developer must discuss the following things from before:

XCode: It is important to use X-code Apple’s integrated development environment to create a native iOS app. This helps in importing app designs. The tool contains cool features like UI, editing source code, debugging, and exporting the app to the apple store. 

Agile development: It is a known fact that there is a constant change in the iOS app development platform. So, it is best to complete the iOS app development process as soon as possible. To do so, the developers often take the help of the agile development approach. The approach ensures developers come up with quality software on time. 

iOS programming Language: The developers have the free will to choose any of the two languages Swift and Objective-C, to develop their iOS app. Objective-C is an advanced version of the C language, which recently got replaced by Swift. In other words, Swift is the newest programming language of Apple. It launched in 2014, and according to apple, it runs 2.6x faster than Objective-C. In addition, it is more sustainable, concise, supportive, and safer than all the modern hardware units. 

#Step 4: Running test and giving final touch to the app

After carrying the technical parts of the iOS mobile app development process, the next step is the testing round. Reviewing and testing the work is one of the most important steps in the whole development process. It lets the developer think by trying the shoe of users. It’s very difficult to get the approval of the apple company and enter the store. But with reviewing and testing, it becomes possible. The developer must focus on the app’s optimized performance, security, debugging, seamless user experience, optimal memory usage, and thorough compliance with all the rules set by Apple. 

After reviewing and ensuring that the app won’t get rejected, the developer can submit the application to the Apple store for consideration and approval. Patience is the key here as it may take weeks for Apple to review the app and approve it. 

Tips that can improve the appearance of the iOS app

As people are only going to use the new app you have developed when they find it appealing, so, it is important to focus on improving its appearance. The apps will be better designed with the following points:

Use tap target that are of finger-size

It is an important point to focus on. The tappable area in the app must be of finger size because you are designing the app for finger use and not for cursors. Apple recommends that the elements should be of the minimum size of 44x44px for people interact more.

One screen one goal

When designing a particular screen of the app, just focus on one primary goal. For instance, in the email screen of the iOS mail app, the main focus should be the user reading the mail. However, there is another secondary option too, like composing mail. But it is not emphasized.

When there's a lot of information, just add an extra button

Do not try to fit a lot of information in one screen; just add another view option. Apple often does this on the create screen option. The main purpose of adding an extra screen is to prevent users from getting confused or avoiding the screen to look too clumsy.

All in all, the process of creating an iOS app and getting it approved by the apple company is quite hard. But if the proper process is followed, it can be easy. Every entrepreneur must ensure that every guideline of the Apple company is followed, the app looks super appealing, and it is also friendly to operate. Also, a developer must not forget to test his/her app. This is because, in the end, it helps to think like the end-user and make changes accordingly.

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