Why Is Courier Delivery App Development Beneficial For Your Business?

Courier Delivery App

Courier delivery apps intervened and offered a much better solution and are giving proper rest to the traditional ways of sending messages. And the reason for the popularity of courier delivery app is the convenience of customers. It mainly started when Uber decided to explore multiple industries like food delivery, transportation, etc.

The courier delivery industry has also experienced a revolution due to the availability of these on-demand services. The times where food delivery and online shopping are trending, it’s time that courier delivery services also excel. To do that, you must start planning courier delivery app development for your business with excellent features and an advanced technology stack.

Learn why the courier app is important for your business to excel in the marketplace. What other things you should consider in the development process.

Market trends for courier app development:

It is crucial to understand what is trending in the market before you start with the development process.

  • In 2021, the sales of courier delivery increased by 12% reaching 12.6 billion Euros. The volume of sales has increased by 14% since 2018.
  • The Global Courier, Parcel, and Express markets are expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.77% in 2018-2022.
  • Total revenue of $325 billion was generated in 2019 which is 3.1% more than the revenue from 2014.
  • The markets of Parcel, Express, and Global Courier are expected to reach $400 billion by 2024.
  • The courier or parcel delivery industry is approximated to grow at a rate of 17% per annum.

Business model of courier delivery app development

There are many business models available, but you should choose the one that suits your business goal. Let’s see the most commonly used business models for courier delivery app.

Courier & Postal Service app

Courier delivery corporations like FedEx and DPD use excellent business models in their mobile applications to get the parcels delivered to their customers’ doorstep. Where FedEx has its application for same-day delivery and DPD has its client administration panel. This panel enables them to create shipments as well as generate labels for shipments.

Package tracking aggregators

Here, information from all the courier service providers is collected in one place. The company would need development services for only one mobile app as the carrier is not much important here.

The items or packages to be delivered can be added to the mobile app using specific IDs. Also, the functionality of push notifications will keep the user updated on the delivery status of the package.

Courier delivery app development benefits

The business around the world is moving forward with delivery app development services to welcome growth. Digital innovation will help in the facilitation of an excellent delivery process for your courier delivery business. On the demand apps for courier delivery not only help to reduce the workload but also help the business to move in the right direction.

Let’s see some of the benefits of the courier delivery app that will help your business grow in the marketplace.

  • Seamless Online Booking

This functionality will enable the customers to book the pickup and delivery details for their parcel efficiently. In addition, the customer may review the tariff rate for online courier delivery from their new location to their destination. As a result, they didn’t have to worry about time.

  • Real-time tracking

Before the advent of apps, firms would contact the driver to determine the status of the package. But today, they can do this activity simply by scanning the courier-specific barcode or using the in-app GPS feature. The users of your courier delivery app can also track the status of your package.

  • Multiple payment methods

Today everyone prefers the payment method which is secure, easy, and quick. Make sure when creating an app for courier delivery integrates a standard payment gateway for security reasons. This will help your users to make transactions using plastic cards, online payment, and net banking, etc.

Courier Delivery App
  • Push notification

If the driver encounters any problems throughout the journey, the app will immediately alert you. Furthermore, by sending push-notifications you can keep your client up to date on courier-related information. Details such as order received, pick up, in process, sent, and delivered, and so on. Customers will feel more appreciated if they are updated on daily basis.

Essential Features of Courier Delivery App Development

The features and functionalities of courier delivery app development determine how the app will function in the marketplace. Let’s see the essential features that every courier delivery app must-have.

Admin Chat: with this feature, the admin can chat with the user and delivery agent to provide better quality service and user satisfaction. 

Packaging option: every shipment might require different packaging depending on the product. The packaging function guarantees that the user’s product is wrapped to avoid damage during shipment.

Ratings and reviews: this feature allows the client to review the service based on their experience. Rating and reviews are vital elements since they help you to evaluate your business.

Offers and discounts: Rewards and offers are an excellent method to attract consumers while also showcasing business. Personalized incentives make your customers feel unique, which improves customer loyalty.

To ensure a fully functional courier delivery app, you should consider the above features. The functionalities you want your app to perform also determines the cost of development. Advanced the features, more will be the cost.

Why Is Courier Delivery App Development Beneficial For Your Business?

Today’s generation is technologically advanced. So, it has become mandatory for courier delivery businesses to have an app. Now that you are clear about so many things required to build the basic and simple courier delivery app. ON AIR App Builder will help you in creating basic MVP in 3 simple steps. Start now!

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