app categories
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10 app categories that will dominate 2022 and beyond

targeting app categories that are trending up is the best place to start. This guide will help you in brainstorming app ideas and take your business to the next level by creating a new app in a popular category

mobile apps
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5 reasons why mobile apps convert higher than websites

If you’re considering digital transformation for your business but cannot decide between a website and an app, then we’re here to help. Ideally, your decision should depend on several factors, namely, the most desired features of your MVP and target audience. But recently, there has been overwhelming evidence to suggest that mobile apps convert sales leads better than any other platform, but why? Let’s Learn!

build internal apps
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How to build internal apps fast with no code

Depending on the size of your company, the use cases and how much you spend for internal tools may vary. But their need never goes away. So, how do you build internal apps so quickly so your team can get started reaping the benefits.

app ideas for beginners
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Top 15 App Ideas for Beginners, Students & Startups in 2022

There you have it, 20 ideas for your new beginner app. start with the most basic one and work your way up. The more apps you make, the more you will learn about different types of development methods you may learn.

promote your app
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15 Innovative ways to Promote your App for Free

While the methods discussed here will work for most apps, enhancing user experience is the most important thing you can do for your business. If a user is pleased and content with your software, they will not only return to it again and again, but they may also recommend it to their friends. A satisfied consumer is the best kind of marketing there is. The rest of these suggestions are all you’ll need to start and grow a profitable company around your app concept.

mobile apps
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The word on mobile apps vs. mobile websites!

While an app is overall the more powerful option, it doesn’t always have to be “Mobile app vs. the mobile app website” but they can definitely complement each other. Therefore, if you can afford both, there may be benefit in actually having them both. However, if that is not an option getting an app is by far the better way to go with. At least so unless you only need to provide mostly static content.

how to make a mobile app
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How to make a mobile app Popular?

Throughout the development process, ask yourself if your app is relevant, usable, and has a modern and intuitive design. So, covering all the above mentioned topics will help to make your app popular on any app store. Are you ready to develop a modern mobile app that’ll become popular in a short while?

User friendly mobile app
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10 Best tips to create a user friendly Mobile App

User friendly means that for customer app is intuitive, easy to use, and simple and that the customer can reply on the product. It is easy to start with the app and understand how to use it, high complexity is not valuable for the user. Reliability is a crucial element as an app cannot help the user while having bugs and not working properly. So, how to get the title “User-friendly” for your app?

app builder
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What Can You Create With ON AIR App Builder?

App builder is becoming saviour for many businesses who are looking for digital extension. Also, if you want to build digital startup and want to prove your idea, ON AIR App builder is your answer. It lets you build sophisticated apps using drag and drop feature and Powerful built-in workflow and databases in 3 simple steps.

Publish app on google play store
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How to Publish app on Google Play Store – Guide & Checklist

In this blog, we have broken down the process of android app publishing on Google Play Store as well as checklists that must be followed before the launch. This blog also covers aspects such as creating an APK, understanding legal requirements of publishing the app and creating other assets as well.

iOS App Development
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A Detailed Guide to Start with iOS Development

All in all, the process of creating an iOS app and getting it approved by the apple company is quite hard. But if the proper process is followed, it can be easy. Every entrepreneur must ensure that every guideline of the Apple company is followed, the app looks super appealing, and it is also friendly to operate. Also, a developer must not forget to test his/her app. This is because in the end it helps to think as the end-user and make changes accordingly.

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