Stuck Building mobile app? Here’s how you can get on track!

building mobile app

Building mobile app needs to have an amazing idea. You have found a way to make an app without coding using a no-code app builder like ON AIR. And suddenly you got stuck on one thing. We all know the pain of having a great idea that ends up a half-finished app simply because you ran out of motivation to keep at it. And it’s okay to get stuck on something but with proper guidance you can get past it.

So, let’s see some of the ideas on how do you get unstuck and start to build mobile apps again!


Sometimes, getting to the bottom of the problem can fix what’s causing it. ? That’s why it may help to figure out what’s the cause of the block. You can try asking yourself these three questions!

1. Is there something you don’t know?

Is there some part of your plan or idea that’s just missing? Maybe you’ve thought of a great app to build a community of dog-lovers in your area, but you’re not sure of how to keep them engaged once they’re on the app. While it helps to have the whole puzzle figured out, you could try tackling some gaps as you go along. You never know when the great idea may strike!

2. Is there something you can’t do?

Maybe you have the whole idea mapped out, but there are parts of the no-code app building process that you can’t figure out. That doesn’t mean you have to wait to get started! We’ve put together some pretty awesome helps docs to answer your questions, and if that doesn’t work, you could just keep going.

For example; if you have an idea of how the login screens should flow, but you can’t seem to set them up in the way that you want, you could leave that piece for later and come back to it once you’ve found a solution.

3. Is there something you don’t enjoy?

Even when we love what we do, parts of the creative process can feel boring and frustrating. It’s ok not to like every aspect of your work. When you run into a task that you particularly don’t enjoy, remember that pushing through and getting it done, will give you a sense of accomplishment.


This is especially important if your work involves a daily desk routine. Not only will a break be refreshing and energizing, but as it turns out, your brain continues working on ideas even when your hands stop! People often find creative solutions while taking a walk, or while talking to a friend.

These breaks are so useful that we recommend scheduling them, just like you would make time for an important. Here are some super easy breaks that you can make time for 

  • Make a cup of tea or coffee!
  • Meditating for fifteen months
  • Playing with your kids or pets
  • Going for a walk
  • Cooking or having a meal with others


Are you losing steam because you’re afraid your app won’t be long enough? Sometimes the pressure of making something exceptional can keep us stuck, unable to move on to the next step just because it isn’t living up to our expectations.

It’s time to shake off your worries and keep at it! Permit yourself to build something terrible. Don’t think of it as your brilliant idea coming to life – just think of it as a first draft. It’ll need tweaking, editing, improving but yes it’s still a great idea!


Routine, it’s a boring word for a major creativity hack! It’s even backed by science. An interesting study looked at groups of writers experiencing “writer’s block” and found that those who wrote out of habit or in a routine showed the highest level of creativity.

Those that worked in a routine not only produced more but also generated more creative ideas. On the other hand, those that waited for inspiration to strike saw very little improvement in their effort to create new work.


It’s cliché but it works!

If you find yourself in the same workspace every day and feel a bit stuck or bored of what you’re working on, why not see what a change of scenery can do for you? Other makers have told us that it works wonders for their creative process.

You could head out to a new café, or find a cool co-working space in your neighborhood, or even try working outdoors! If it works for you, it could be part of your fun origin story.

building mobile app


The reason why you decided to build an app is a powerful motivator. It can help you keep going when motivation runs out, and when you have to push past a potential roadblock.

So, if you’re currently stuck, ask yourself: have you forgotten why you began in the first place? Was it to help people? Make their lives better? Was it to build a community around a hobby or activity that you love?

When an app is just an idea, it seems like it’s one simple step: build it! But once you get into the process, the task can seem so big and overwhelming that it’s easy to lose track of the end goal.

Stuck Building your app? Here's how you can get on track!

If you are stuck in maker’s block, even when it seems like nothing could work, try one of these ideas. But it is important to take that first step towards building your mobile app. So, start to build mobile apps with ON AIR App Builder. Start Now!

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