Top 15 App Ideas for Beginners, Students & Startups in 2022

app ideas for beginners

Creating apps is nothing new, but it can seem intimidating when you’re just starting and need some app ideas for beginners. What’s worse, there are so many types of apps you don’t even know where to start.

In this blog, you’ll learn about different types of apps and get some great ideas to get you started. You’ll be an expert in no time.

To-do App

By having the to-do list on your phone, you eliminate the annoying little papers that tend to lose. Make it colorful, maybe with multiple bullet point symbols to choose from.

Calorie counter

Simple yet effective. Using this app users will know the nutritional value and calories of their food. You can make it all text or insert the food pictures.


So, hile making this app you’ll learn a lot about the importance of image manipulation. This app is great for beginners because you just have to make the image rotate using arrows to flip it in different directions.

Timetable Manager

Great for users that need help managing their daily routines. Make it as simple or complicated as you want with more colors, lists, tables, etc.

Unit Converter app

Useful in everyday life, especially cooking. You can make it for just two units like kilos to pounds or more likes meter to inches, liters to cups.

App Ideas for beginners

Consult a Doctor app

Sometimes people don’t need a full check-up at the doctor. This way, they can use your app to consult the doctors online about some mild difficulties they’re experiencing.

Color guessing game

This one is for small children. All you have to do is develop a simple, interactive interface. Make it so that it shows the variety of colors in different shapes and drawings. Also, make sure to include names of the colors.

Table Booking app

Calls are so outdated. Make an app that lets people easily make reservations, for starters for your hometown or neighborhood.

Karaoke App

Everybody loves karaoke. Make the app as versatile as you can by offering all kinds of music genres and fun backgrounds for the lyrics. Make sure the user can sing by using the filters that make a sound.

Call Recording app

With this one, you don’t even have to worry about design. Its main purpose is solely to record the calls. Make it simple, but functional and user-friendly.

Voice translation app

This app can be a great addition to any vacation trip. The app translates users’ voices into the desired language. This way, they can quickly and easily communicate with the locals.

Bus tracking app

Simple app that can be useful to know the exact location of your bus. Make sure it’s near, that upgrades quickly, and of course, punctual.

Task scheduling and motivation app

Similar to a to-do app, but with a twist. This app can be made in a way that reminds and motivates uses for the task in desired time.

Giveaway used items app

More organized and better designed than your local charity website or Facebook group. Make it so users can communicate with each other to easily arrange the drop.

Cooking App

You can make this app in all sorts of ways. We recommend making it so users type the ingredients they want to work with and show them the recipe. This way, you’ll also fit into a zero-waste category. Additionally, include some cooking tips.

Track your period app

This is just a basic calendar app, with some additional features. For example, you can make the dates in different colors depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle.

Survey app

This app is divided into two roles. The first one is survey coordinators and they make and conduct the survey. The second one is the users that complete those surveys.

Virtual exam study group app

Specially intended for students, this app should be a hybrid of a video call and forum. You can also integrate into it different learning materials and tools.

Social networking app for new parents

Similar to the previous app, only it’s intended for young parents. There can be a forum, chat rooms, and even some parenting books and advice included.

Scan and convert to PDF app

You probably use this one on your computer a lot. By making it an app for mobile devices you supply more market as it is shown that mobile device searches make more than 60% now. It will be especially useful to students.

There you have it, 20 ideas for your new beginner app. start with the most basic one and work your way up. The more apps you make, the more you will learn about different types of development methods you may learn.

Top 20 App Ideas for Beginners, Students & Startups in 2022

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