How to Increase App Downloads


Here is everything you should know about How to Increase App Downloads. Most of the people think that creating an app is the most difficult part in the process of making an app. That is not really the case. Once your business app is made, you need to find ways to market it in order to make it reach the final goal. The final goal here is to get people to download your app. The more downloads your app gets, the more popular it will get and finally will get highly monetized.

Making an extremely engaging app is not it. People need to download your app too. A research says that a fraction of the people is always looking for unique apps to download. Your app could be one of them if you utilize your time and resources correctly.

There are too many people around the world who are looking for newer apps each day with new key words. App Store Optimization is a trick with which you can ace your app game on the app store and make your app each your users in the first few options. It is a kind of SEO for apps which help app makers gauge downloads.

Getting a higher number of downloads on your app is no rocket science. You just need to plan strategically and make sure you take the right steps while promoting the app. Once you consider all the parameters that help you make an engaging app which online users would love to download, you are good to go!

If you are wondering what could boost your app downloads, here are a few things you could keep in mind for boosting your app downloads: –

How to boost your app downloads?

  • App Name with Keywords

While you are naming your app, you need to be strategic. Your ap name should consist of keywords that people search on the app store in order to download apps. What happens with this is that your app is one of the first ones to show up when people are searching for the few selected keywords.    


Your app name needs to have the keywords that belong to the field of your app. They should fall naturally in place while you name your app. It should not be forced or else the user will be disinterested in downloading your app.

Just as a golden tip, be sure of four factors while naming your app: –  

  • Relevance
  • Simplicity
  • Good visual experience
  • Availability of the title.
  • Length of Title

While naming your app, make sure your app title is not too long. When the app title goes longer than necessary, internet users will not be able to retain such long names and will not download your app. On the other hand, if your app has a short title, your app will receive a lot more downloads.

Your app title should not be more than 50 characters. This limit is a general limit people keep their app names within. It is because, studies show, app titles longer than 50 characters fail to yield as many downloads as what apps within the 50 character limit seem to yield.

  • Social Media Engagement

Having a strong online presence can have an effective impact on how well our app does in terms of getting downloaded. When you promote your app on social media platforms, your app gets popular among the masses and interested people will always take the initiative in heading to the app store and downloading your app.

You can also interact with your target audience and ask them how you can better your application. This will show your audience that you care about what they think and they will get further engaged.

  • Content is King

Make sure to invest in good content if you are looking to earn higher downloads on your app. Creating interesting and relevant content for your app can help you appeal to more customers. This way, a higher number of potentially interested customers will want to download your app.

This may in the form of online articles, video content, social media posts, etc. The more your audience will be interested in your content around your app, the more they will ant to download your app. To make your audience feel more connected you can also share user-generated content to build a community around your app users

  • App screenshots

Research says that most people on the internet first see an app screenshot to understand what the app is all about before downloading it. 60% of all users see an app screenshot to understand how your app works and what would it be like when they use it. This stage determines whether they will be further interested in downloading your app or not. F they find your app screenshot appealing, you are sure to get a higher number of downloads on your app.

  • App Description

While writing a description for your app on the Google play store, be extremely cautious with your keywords. You need to add as many keywords in your description as you can. You need to be careful about your description sounding natural and not forced. So make sure you neatly incorporate all your keywords in your description organically.

Using sensible sentences in your description is also an absolute must. You can make your app description sound forced because the internet user will get put off after reading it and will not bother downloading your app.

How to Increase App Downloads

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