Top Guidelines to Create a Meditation App like Calm and Headspace

Meditation app

Meditation app might seem like a waste of time, resources for many people. But we live in a rapidly changing world where people lead an economic lifestyle. Everyone is continuously engaged in meeting lots of responsibilities.

As a result, stress has become a disease today, and need people to need mindful strategies from experts to tackle it. And to lower this daily stress and boost our mental wellbeing, we must opt for modern technologies, incorporative mobile apps.

In 2021, so many people are practicing meditation in their homes. But when it comes to reducing stress, the meditation app seems to be a perfect way. Headspace and calm were the first meditation app to provide this service.

Below sharing some guidelines with some robust twists to assist you in creating a basic meditation app to enter the profitable and emerging app market.

Meditation app market growth

In 2019, the 10th best meditation application earned USD 195M, 52% more than 2018. The target of youth with technology and mindfulness has resulted in interest in meditation apps. Also, earnings from meditation apps increased from only 8M to 195M from 2015 to 2019. And this number is still growing makes it the right time to develop a meditation app.

Things to consider for the development of meditation app

Here’s a list of essential factors that you should consider before you create a meditation app.

1. Clarify your business idea

You should decide on your app concept before you start developing a app.

  • Yoga app
  • Mental health tracker app
  • Meditation music app
  • Guided sleep meditation app
  • Weight loss meditation app
  • Breathe meditation app
2. Choose the right mobile app platform

Your app can be compatible with both android and iOS platforms. It will increase your development cost. So, if you have a confined budget, then you can develop an android or iOS app with a meditation app maker (i.e. Online app builder). After a while, you can always boost your service to perform on other OS.

Meditation App
3. Use AR/VR technology

With this technology, you can create a virtual environment that will help your audience in reducing anxieties and fear. In this way, you can accelerate their way of relaxing and boosting mental health.

4. Start with using MVP model

Instead of building an app with premium features and publishing it, you should create an MVP and validate your meditation app concept. Once your concept and the basic app are well accepted by the people, you can update it with premium/paid features at time intervals.

5. Choose the right UI/UX design

Design plays a pivotal role in the meditation app. Your app should include calming colors, features, and even basic and easy navigation. You cannot do the designing same as a music app or fitness service apps. You have to pay attention to every detail and avoid using overloaded patterns. Including some animation movements in the background might give a modern touch to your app.

6. Integrate your apps with wearables

If you want your app to be more progressive and want to serve more audiences, then integrating it with wearables might help you. One thing to note here: people who meditate pay heed to health and fitness, meaning they are already using a fitness tracker.
Wear OS and WatchOS by google and apple are the two main OS for smartwatches and fitness trackers.

7. Target all age group

Meditation is famous in all age groups. If you want the reach, you should target users from all age groups with different meditation objects. Nevertheless, you can also select another tactic and choose a specific niche.

8. App Localization

Your app should also spend money on localization. Hence, the app must be available in different languages, providing users a choice to get content in their local languages. It increases the chances of engaging more users.

9. Live streaming

Offer users an extra value to make your app different from others. Add a live video streaming feature to your app. You can authorize your app to broadcast–quality live linear stream across android and iOS devices using cloud CDN, cloud storage, and Google compute engine for infrastructures and Anvato SDK for excellently performing live streaming.

10. Discovery Screen

You can present all meditation sessions and materials on this screen and display updates and the most famous programs. This screen must provide materials in various categories and have something exclusive always.

Top Guidelines to Create a Meditation App like Calm and Headspace

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