No-Code App Development is Essential for Digital Transformation

no code app development

The demand for mobile applications is at an all time high and it keeps rising. 2020 was a good year for app development and 2021 seems no different, maintaining a strong growth despite the difficult conditions. One of the most notable surprises from 2020 is the rise in no-code app development and no-code platforms.

The reason for this sudden growth is a few important factors – speed and agility, productivity and collaboration, and governance and security. These factors are compelling enough for anyone to start considering no-code app development platforms and app development.

Let us explore the benefits of no-code app development in detail:

It's DIY

In these uncertain economic times, developing a mobile application through external resources and third party agencies can be very expensive and challenging. Furthermore, the process is quite restrictive and limiting. When you develop an app from a development agency, you won’t have access to the backend of your own app.

This is why developing a mobile app internally is important (and not limiting). However, there’s a catch. Most businesses cannot afford to develop their own apps due to pricing issues and the requirement of skilled developers. This is where a no-code app development platform can come to the rescue. Anyone can learn to create an app in these platforms. They can help you use your existing resources efficiently while also providing you with apps.

Easier to use and customize

It’s no secret that apps that require coding are complicated. However, when compared to traditional coding and development, no-code builders give you a lot of room to customize and adjust things as per your requirement. With a no-code app, you can optimize things without having to worry about bugs.

A no-code app development platform is a blessing for businesses that are always undergoing constant changes. They can also help reduce backlogs. This unique advantage is not just limited to business owners but also to app development agencies that can bring in necessary changes whenever required. The flexibility of a no-code app builder is clearly unmatched.

Quick development and faster delivery

Since there is no coding involved, no-code development can greatly cut down development time. To put things in perspective, it takes an average of 3 to 4 months to develop an app. This time can even be longer for an extensive software application.

A no-code app development platform, on the other hand, can cut down the time in half or even less depending on the type of. application you’re looking to create. The faster you develop your app, the faster you can deliver it to the customers (or clients). So, if you want to create an android app without coding, such platforms are the way to go.


The cost of ownership is less

One of the best (and economic) reasons to use a no-code app development platform is the cost of ownership. Since all your app data is stored in a secure cloud, you won’t have to spend money on servers, maintenance or buildings. You just have to pay for the software application you are using and save a significant amount of money.

Low risk, high ROI

Since the cost of using a no-code development tool is cheaper, it’s more likely to provide you with an attractive return on your investments. You can expect to save more than half of the overhead cost required to design a traditional app. Better returns on investment also means that investing in no-code apps is a lower risk. If your application fails due to whatever reasons, it’s likely that you’d have saved more money than you would spend on traditional development tools. Thus, choosing no-code app development is an economically sound decision.

Easier learning curve

No-code app development platforms are specifically designed to be so easy that even a child could use them. You just need to select the right designs and features and you’ll be set. You can add more features and optimize the app in the long run without any hassle.

Future-Proof and sustainable

It’s safe to say that no-code is the future, even Google believes so. That’s why they have been experimenting with a no-code platform of their own. Though it has several benefits, no-code app development is still in its early stage. If you ventured into the trend now, you’ll have a great chance of being ahead of the curve. Rest assured, the app you create will be future proof and will only get better with time.

No-code development platforms bring technology and businesses together, ensuring rapid development and collaborative approach. Needless to say, no-code app development is essential for digital information.

No-Code App Development is Essential for Digital Transformation

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