How to Create an Apt App Name


Know about how to create an apt app name. In today’s world, apps are helping us through most of the things. There is an app for every other activity. Technology is exceeding expectations and setting new parameters everyday which make lives easier for people. This is what apps do too. They make lives easier for people around the world. From booking a taxi to scheduling a meeting, there is an app for everything. This is why giving your app and apt name is very significant.

The growing popularity of apps and how they are so useful to people clearly signifies that the app market is highly crowded. Not every app makes a mark and leave an impression in the user’s mind because there are so many of them.

On the App Store there are millions of apps available for a single task. Not every app can be a user’s favourite. If they do not like the interface, experience or even your app’s name, they switch to another one. If you have an app for your business, you must consider giving it a good name for online users to remember your brand.

Naming an app is not an easy task. The name of the app molds the personality of your business and gives online user’s a chance to perceive it better. Most people online download an app by a simple search. You need to make sure that your app can grab the user’s attention in the span of a search. This could sound like a difficult task but it can be very easy if you give your app and apt name.

You may have a great app but it is very important to have an apt app name. Here are a few ways by which you can give your app an apt name.

1. Make your app name recognizable

Your app name needs to be recognizable. While creating an app for your business, you need to make sure that you choose an app name which will help online users recognize your app. This involves a lot of aspects. Your app name needs to justify a niche which your brand represents. The app name should be apt enough to justify the purpose of the app and the logo of the app. A lot of times, online user’s may retain the logo of your app but forget the name of it. To combat this, keep your app name recognizable for people to identify it.


2. An app name should be unique

Keeping an app name which is common is a big mistake while naming your app. This will make your app get lost in the crowd. All you have to do is, research. Find a name that best suits your app and make it sound very unique. This creates an intriguing impression on your user and they want to download your app to know more. A unique app name also makes it easily identifiable and important enough to remember. People always remember unusual things and a unique app name for your app will just help people remember your app better. Keep your app’s name so unique that your online user can retain in their heads for a longer period of time, instantly.

3. Keep it Easy to Remember

Retention is all is all it takes for your online user to download your app. The name of your app should be absolutely easy to remember. If a person on the web likes your app and has an intention of downloading it, they will first see the name of the app. If the name is too difficult to remember, they might forget about your app and download another one instead. This way you lose a customer. However, keeping an app name which is easy to remember may work in your favour and earn you a lot more downloads! Do keep this in mind while naming your app since it is very important for your app to have an easy name to remember.

4. App Name Design

The App name design is the way your logo had been written. The front that is used and the colour that is used adds on to the app name design. Choose your app name design wisely since that says a lot about your app. If the app name design is eye catching, the user will be bound to remember it. The App name design should also thoroughly resemble the brand because it is their fact of the brand’s app. App name design is different from the app logo but it must be worked upon with the same importance. If you have got the app name design right, there are higher chances of online user’s remembering your app.

5. App Store Optimization (ASO)

ASO is an important aspect to keep in mind while naming your app. App technology works according to set algorithms. To make your app show more in the app downloading list on online users, you need to get your ASO right. Use keywords to make your app more searchable. It is important for your app’s name to have more and more keywords SEO that it comes in the top searched of online users. Relevant keywords will help your brand’s app get a lot more popular and will eventually get you a higher download rate. Research about what keywords work bet for your app and name your brand’s app accordingly. This will help your app go higher in the algorithms.

How to Create an Apt App Name

It is very important to have an apt name. To create an app for your business, get on to ON AIR App Builder and make an app today. Start now!

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