How do Mobile App Designs Help?


The app market is evolving at a very high rate. There are billions of apps available online. If people do not like a certain app, they can switch to another one in seconds. This is why the app market is extremely crowded and highly competitive. However, a great mobile app design can help your app make a lot of money. Do you want to know how do mobile app designs help? Read further to know!

If your app is slow, hangs often, is not designed well, users will delete your app instantly after the download. A customer loses nothing when they dispose an app from their phone. They have several apps to choose from which nearly solve the same purpose. Having a well designed and highly functional app has now become a necessity.

While there are apps which fail miserably, there are apps which get successful too. There is a lot to learn from apps that succeed. Why so apps do well on the web? Is it something to do with app designers and app designs? You are absolutely right!

Most apps live or die in the first 15 days of a user using it. Whether a user will stick to the app or not usually depends upon some basic app design practices that designers adopt. Here are the design practices a designer must practice while making their app: –

1. Solid First Impression

Your app needs to leave a solid first impression on its user. The first interaction between the app and the user is very crucial. If the app manages to impress the user in the first few days of downloading the app, it is very unlikely for the user to uninstall the app even in the future.


Good use of colours, easy navigation and the right placements of highlights, makes an app very appealing. Make sure to not use extremely loud colours for your app. This is because, an app that is soothing to the eye is always chosen by a user compared to an app which has a dingy colour combination. A user’s first impression of an app has to be all about its colours and placements which needs to be bang on!

2. Spacing out Design Features

An app with cramped up features isn’t a great sight to see right? Apps came into existence to solve a purpose but if all your app features are cramped up, it will get difficult for the user to use the app. Spacing out design features is the ideal way to design an app. If all the features a cramped up, the user may want to press something but may end up pressing something else. This can annoy the user to a great extent.

Even visually, an app which is spaced out, appeals to a user more than an app which cramped. Cramped up features in an app can trigger anxiety in a user which will eventually want to make the user stop using the app.

3. Consistency

Being consistent in your design is the key to creating a good app. Be consistent with your brand colours, interface and the look of the app as a whole. Nothing in the app should be extremely different to the rest. It will make that one element in the app look out of place and absurd.

All the text in your app should also fall in place using a uniform font. You cannot have different fonts all over your app because the user might just get irritated reading it. Designers should create their app in such a way that it has a unform, set patter. The app should be consistent with its colours, designs and fonts.

4. Push Notifications

As an app designer, you need to be very careful about push notifications. They are the most finicky part of the app. IF you irritate your app user with a lot of notifications, they will the app notifications off. That will defy the entire purpose of sending your users personalised push notifications.

While sending push notifications, be smart. Do not over do it but at the same time do not under do it too. Sending really few push notifications is also a problem because your user will forget that they have your app on their phone. Strike a balance and send your users the right amount of push notifications. 

5. Knowing Costs

Knowing costs is a very important aspect of designing an app. Know your budgets very well so that you can design a well functioning app in that budget. Extremely well designed apps become very expensive at times.

It would obviously be a waste of time if you design an app with expensive UX features and then do not have the budgets to support it. To save time and effort, it is best to know exactly what your budgets are.

6. Define App Purpose

Defining your app’s design purpose is very necessary too. The user needs to know what you are exactly trying to convey with your elaborated app design. The app should be designed defining a clear app purpose or else your user will be left confused.

The app’s purpose will have an effect on every step of your app creating process in terms of design. From the most minute details to the heavy ones, the purpose of your app should be seen clearly. This is why defining your app’s purpose is very important.

How do Mobile App Designs Help?

App designing is an interesting part of the app creation process. If you want to design your own app, get on to ON AIR App Builder and make an app you can design. Do not forget to check out some really cool app designs. Try Now!

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