Chatbot Applications: Top Industries Using Chatbots


Here is everything you should know about Chatbot Applications. As technology is advancing, there are new tools designed to ease interactions between computers and humans. Chatbots are virtual assistants which make the process of communication a lot easier. Chatbots are made to ease the tedious process of manual communication for industries today. They are severely helping industries to connect with their customers and solve their queries. A company may have thousands of customers wanting to get in touch with them. They all can be managed single-handedly by chatbots.

Chatbots might sound like a futuristic tool but with the rapid advancements in technology, around 75% of the internet users are adopting for one or more messenger platforms. This makes it even more important for industries to adopt in chatbots.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is computer program designed to have real conversations. The chat interface allows chatbots to chat and interact with humans. They are being adopted by almost all messenger aps today. It is a great way to connect with all your customers as a company and assist them throughout the day. Chatbots can be given distinctive personalities too.

They understand written and spoken text, which they interpret and reply to accordingly. Chatbots search the we for relevant information as soon as the user punches in a question and therefore is of great use to companies.

Chatbot technologies

There are two kinds of chatbots that can be used by a company. The cost and effectiveness of a chatbot depends on the kind of technology it uses: –

  1. AI based chatbots
  2. Command based chatbots

AI based chatbots are chatbots which do not have a definite set of answers. They can be asked ambiguous questions. These chatbots create an answer for you from scratch and then give you the answer. This is why you do not necessarily have to ask them specific questions. AI based chatbots create their own data from past questions and become smarter with time and more learning.

On the other hand, Command based chatbots are chatbots which are dependent on a database to answer questions. They usually have a definite set of answers and can answer a definite set of questions. The characteristic of Command based chatbots are: –

  • Command based chatbots can only answer limited questions. They will need manual help if asked anything otherwise.
  • To answer a question, the chatbot needs to understand what has been asked.
  • Chatbots cannot perform any other function other than what is mentioned in their code.

How can chatbots be essential for business industries?

  • Accessibility

If you have ever tried calling the customer care, we are sure you have been kept on hold for a long, long time. When business industries have bots to take on customer queries, that is not the case. Gone are the frustrating days when you has=d to stay on hold for 7-8 minutes to get a query resolved. A chatbot can give you instant answers and c=solve your queries in a jiffy.

A chatbot is not a human, it is a machine. It does not have the ability to get tired and can obey your commands round the clock. This will improve your customer service to a great extend since all customer queries can be fully taken care of.

  • Customer Satisfaction

When a human is dealing with a customer, they can get carried away by emotions. On the other hand, a chatbot is a machine which is programmed entirely into treating a customer right. A chatbot can do nothing but be nice to a customer which will give a customer a good customer experience.

Chatbots are also beneficially in remembering customer order histories. Chatbots suggest the user what they can order, learn their address and contact details so that the customer does not have to punch them in again and make customer’s experience a lot better. Customers love the smooth and easy interaction making chatbots a hit in the app market.

  • Managing many clients

When you hire a human to handle your client, they can only handle one client at a times. With chatbots, that s not the case. A chatbot is a machine that can handle multiple clients at once making the entire process a lot quicker and productive. No matter what time of the day it is, a chatbot never gets tired and therefore, can take up multiple clients at any given point. Every customer will be answered as quickly as possible which will leave a good impression of your company is the mind’s of a customer.

  • Cost effective

Chatbots turn out to be extremely cost effective when kept at business. Hiring a human for the same job can be a costly affair. Considering, a single chatbot can replace multiple employees cutting down costs massively. A chatbot can communicate with a huge number of customers at once which will eventually increase the sales and profits of the company. Chatbots do not only help in reducing cost but also bring up sales and revenue.

  • Flexibility

Chatbots are flexible in nature. They can be used in any industry and there will only be positive results. Unlike any other product or program, chatbots do not need development and moulding to fit a new industry. It can be placed in a new industry as it is and can help the business benefit. The bot only needs to be trained to get into the right flow of conversation with the customer and the job is done. The chat will do exactly what they are programmed to do and help the business.

Chatbot Applications: How are to industries using chatbots

Chatbots can be used to bring up customer services massively. They are an essential feature you could add to your app. Do not have an app for your business yet? Try making one on ON AIR App Builder in 3 simple steps. Start Now!

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