Apps as a part of Brand Identity

Apps as a part of Brand Identitys.
How App helps in buildingBrand Image

With the world leaving the side of computer screens and parading towards using mobile phones, your brand needs to be at par. Defining your brand’s identity with the help of an app is now the need of the hour to be recognized by your consumers.

What is brand identity?

A basic set of tools are used by the company to create a brand image for themselves which helps the consumer perceive the brand better. Brand identity and its elements of a company stem from the company’s mission, long-term goals, competitive position on the market, and relevance to the values and interests of the target audience. These factors have a foundational nature and, in the branding process, describe what a company wants to communicate. Brand identity is something that defines the existence of the brand. They are the visible elements that have the ability to give the brand a distinguishable place in the consumer’s mind.

Brand Identity is an important element in terms of marketing a product because it is very important for the consumers to distinguish your brand from the rest of the competitors in the market. If they do not know you are different, they will not know the difference. This is where brand identity steps in.

How an App can help?

The world is increasingly moving to mobile every single day. More people are spending more time on their smart phones and tablets and spending less time glued to their computer screens. In such a scenario, opting for an app for your brand adds on to its brand identity and here’s how: –

Elements – The elements of the app such as the colour, the interface and the layout correspond with those of the brand and represent it. Using the logo as the face of the brand and the colours of the brand as a part of the layout send out the message loud and clear. Whenever a viewer comes across the app, they will instantly associate the brand with the app in their head. This aids in making the brand identity prominent since the consumer is now being able to distinguish the brand from the rest of the apps.

Convenience– When technology is being spoken of, how can convenience be left behind? The convenience of the app also plays a massive role in building a brand’s identity. The customer should feel the ease of getting all their needs fulfilled at their disposal while browsing through the app. All the functions that the app performs should be clearly mentioned and highlighted for the customer to see and perceive. If the app is convenient enough, the customer builds a positive outlook towards the brand which helps in positively building brand identity.

Personality– The personality of the app is going to be associated with personality of the brand by the consumer. The layout and the interface of the app should clearly send out the vibes of the personality the brand is wanting to attain. The feel of the app speaks volumes of the brand and that is what should be kept in mind while creating an app for your brand.  The personality of the app is also heavily responsible for the identity of the brand.

Create App with the ON AIR Appbuilder

The exceeding need of being at par with the technological times has created the need to have a good running app. If you wish to define your brand’s identity to the fullest, you can try creating your brand’s app on ON AIR App Builder. Start Now

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