Bedarf an einer App für Arbeiter


Know everything about App for Deskless Workers. To know how apps will work for deskless employees, we first need to understand who deskless employees are. Deskless workers are employees who are not sitting at a desk, behind a computer screen. Instead, they are employees who are a part of the organisation but do manual work for them. A few examples of deskless workers are; drivers, delivery personnel, technicians, healthcare workers, office helpers, etc. These professions do not need a desk to function in an office. Their work is skilled.

There are a high number of employees in an organisation who are a part of the deskless workforce. Each and every on field employee needs to be managed by the higher authorities and the deskless workforce makes up a large part for it. An app for your employees can manage all your deskless employees as well.

We will simply put it out there. If your company has a high number of deskless employees, here are a few reasons as to why you need an app for your employees: –

1. Facilitates Communication

An app is a great way to facilitate communication with your deskless employees. It improves communication in the entire organisation. Every business needs a strong communication system to become successful. Without proper communication, the entire work process of an organisation can go haphazard creating more issues than solutions. An app can solve the problem because of its communication feature. 

If your company has an app for deskless employees, you can dictate work and ask for status updates directly on the app instead of physically informing them. This saves time and effort. You can also locate your deskless employees and know their whereabouts during working hours. An app is a better way to know your deskless employee’s location than having to call them every now and then for an update.



2. Employee Engagement

The secret to an engaged employee is a happy employee. You can keep your deskless employee happy with an app. More than half of the workforce at an organisation consists of deskless employees. These employees are not a part of the organisation in terms of computer work but they make up for more than half of the organisation. They cannot feel disconnected from work at any point.

Keeping them engaged is easier said than done. As we mentioned earlier, you need to actively stay in touch with your deskless employees in order to keep them engaged at work. If you show them, they are important via an app, they will do their work with more amount of satisfaction which will eventually promote engagement.

3. Cost Reduction and Saving time

Cost reduction is one major function that your app can help you with while managing employees. Okay let us put it like this. Before your deskless employee gets to work, you will need them to come to office to give their attendance. With an app you can skip this step completely. Your deskless employee can get straight to work without having to come to office. They just have to use the app for attendance and this will reduce to the costs to a great extent. About time, your employees can save their time of travelling to office and get onto work immediately. This is the magic of having an app to manage your deskless employees.

4. Increases Security

An app for managing your company tasks can increase security to a high degree. A business cannot have information about their employees, clients or work getting leaked. This is why having an app can save your information by making it more secure.

Analise how your company is transmitting information to your deskless workforce and increase your security. This information could contain the addresses, phone numbers and names of your clients which are highly sensitive to your company. Your organisation cannot let it out at any cost. An app adds a layer of protection and security onto this information. They can prevent cyber attacks and breaches on your company’s sensitive information.

5. Accessibility

Deskless employees do on-site work which is not necessarily a 9-5 thing. A few deskless workers may work early in the morning while a few may work late at night. Accessibility of the organisation’s real time information is very important in such cases. On an app they will have access to everything they need to do. This make the process less tedious and more productive. The deskless employee just needs to open their app and check what they need to do for the day instead of going to office and take an update.

You as an employer will also know exactly when your worker reached the client and give you more access and control. If your worker is asked a question by the client which they do not have an answer to, clients can refer to information on the app to get an answer for the same.

6. Attraction millennials

Millennials are going to be a heavy part of the workforce in the coming years. Attracting millennials is one of the most important thins your organisation needs to get on with. Making an app for the organisation is sure to attract millennials because there is nothing, they love more than technology. If your company is up to date with the ongoing technological trends, you are going to impress a big group of millennials who would love to be a part of your organisation.

Need for an App for Deskless Workers

Having an app for managing your organisation’s work and employees is now an essential. Especially for all the deskless employees in your organisation who cannot connect with you over the computer. Get your company’s app made on ON AIR App Builder today. Start Now.

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