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What is an app builder?

With the market shifting more and more from classic websites to apps, or mobile web apps, anyone thinking about digitization will have to deal with the topic of app programming. But how can you create an app if you are absolutely no expert in the field? The answer to this is the app builder, it is also called app maker, or app creator. If we consider the classic website builder systems that almost everyone knows, for example Wix or Jimdo, an app builder is no different, except that this one deals with the creation of native apps or web apps.

In an app building kit system, you can choose different modules (predefined blocks) by clicking on them builds an app structure without having to program even one line. This can be done in a very short time. The end result is a web app and native apps for both iOS and Android. In the background is a content management system (CMS), in short a database, so that changes can also be made quickly in live operation of the app. Through a user interface, you can always and anytime add your content and keep the app alive.

Of course, an app builder is not suitable for everyone or meets all requirements, but for the vast majority of users, it is worth taking a closer look at the tool.

Create your own app and try ON AIR Appbuilder

Easily build your own app with modules using our App Maker.
from 72 EUR / per year for one app (hosting)

App builder vs. classic programming

Since classic programming usually starts on a “blank sheet of paper” and accordingly also takes many hours, this is usually associated with a large financial outlay and this often already dies the desire for digitization. Small and medium-sized companies, associations and various interest groups often have a small budget and fail because of the prices called by the app programmers or agencies, which are usually in the upper 4 to higher range, but can also quickly become 5-digit for additional work. If you want to provide a very individual app for your target group, you unfortunately can’t avoid classic programming, because you get much more flexible results there. However, if you want to stay within the usual modules, you should think about the possibility of an app creator, as this tool delivers results much faster and is much more cost-effective. In the app builder, the apps are made available for both major platforms, including a web app. It should be noted that with classic programming, of course, the app must be created once for Android and once for iOS (Apple). These are 2 different programming languages and iOS programmers cannot necessarily program an Android app and vice versa.

Even though we at ON AIR live the concept of app builders, we don’t want to hide the fact that you have to take care of some things yourself, you usually get that from the classic programmer. If you are ready to take care of images, logos, texts, store accounts and maintenance etc. yourself, the way to App Baukasten is paved.

App builder classic programming
No programming skills required
Low costs
Quick results
Good for beginners
High flexibility
Easy maintenance

Can I offer my app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store?

Of course, the same rules apply to an app created with the app builder as to an app that was programmed in the traditional way. Of course, you have to consider a few things for both variants if you want to publish your app in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. That’s why it makes sense at the very beginning to think carefully about which components you need to offer your users the greatest possible added value. This is certainly not simply a link to the website. This will be rejected, at least by Apple, and such app will be within the shortest time, sent back to the ‘sender’. So to say with the words ‘nice try, please try again’. In the best case, you have now booked a publishing service, which then tells you what is still to be inserted. In the worst case, you have to communicate with the respective platforms yourself and ask what you should change.

Apps made with an creator should also have a responsive design, because this app is your digital business card. Let’s be honest, we use beautifully designed apps with pleasure, in contrast to apps that have been lovelessly clicked together, according to the motto “The main thing is that I’m swimming with the digitalization wave”. Simply put, beautifully designed apps are downloaded more often. As we all know, beauty is always in the eye of the beholder and is subjective. If you don’t have any download numbers, you should start thinking about it.

Is an app builder suitable for me?

Difficult question, it depends on how your previous knowledge and your willingness is to open yourself to new things. With a little interest and a little help, many non-computer experts manage to create decent results, which can sometimes be impressive, and if you have any questions, the support can certainly help you with advice.

Suitable for every business

An app builder is a great tool to quickly and inexpensively create your own app for your target audience. Of course, such a tool also has its limitations. But if you don’t need complicated specific functions, this is certainly the right choice. Changing the app content on the fly, without having to make constant updates, is another big advantage, besides cost and creation speed. Thus, it is possible to keep your target audience always updated. It is important that you clarify in advance what your needs are for your app. Above all, with what budget and how quickly you want to implement your app.
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