Why You Should Regularly Update Your App?


If you are somebody who owns a business, you might probably have an app for it already. These days, every other business needs an app to conduct their functioning to its full potential. Technology is advancing rapidly and apps are certainly the flagbearers of the same. Making an app for your business is one of the most important things you need to do for your business on a marketing front. If you already have an app for your busines, that is great! In this article, we have mentioned why it is important to update your app regularly.

Online users have a large variety of apps to choose from on the web. There is an app available for everything on the web. An average online user downloads about 20-30 apps on their phone. If you do not remind them about your existence, they may totally forget that your app exists. This is where app updates can save the day!

Having regular app updates for your app can do you a lot of good in terms of your business. Updates not only remind the user that your app exists on their phone, they also allow you to introduce new features on your app which you had not included since the beginning.

The world is evolving with the current technology and your app is in competition with a million others. It is very important for you to constantly keep reminding your customers about your app. Let’s get deeper into understanding why you should regularly update your app: –

1. Reminding existing users about your existence

It is extremely important for you to update your business app every once in a while, to remind your existing users about your existence. A lot of times, people forget that they have certain apps downloaded on their phone. Your app could certainly be one of them. Sending in regular updates in the form of push notifications will help you grab your user’s attention. Your app user’s will also be intrigued to know what new feature has come up. This will help you remind your existing customers about your existence. Reminding customers about your app with regular updates will also give you a higher amount of revenue and engagement.

It is very important for you to keep updating your app since it will keep your app up to date. Your customers will check into your app and find relevant information which will work best for your brand name.


2. Introducing new features

When you update your app, your app allows you to send your online users a valuable push notification. Use the push notifications to your app’s advantage. Introduce new features and advances on your app by regularly updating your app. Your online customers will get curious to know what your new update is and what new features it will bring in. Users do not always want to update an app. They try and avoid it most of the times. You can change your app user’s attitude towards your app updates by rewarding them with new and trendy app features. This is when your app users will be highly willing to update your business app every week or every month.

3. Re-evaluating and Revising

App updates help heavily in re-evaluating and revising your business app. When you create an app an offer updates on your same, technology allows you to get an exact number of how many users have updated your app. This tells you how online users are perceiving your business app. You can gauge every detail about what is working for your app and what is not. If there is anything that is working against your business and has room to get better, you can re-evaluate and revise instantly with an app update. Every feature can be bifurcated and understood with app updates. You can always modify and improve features on your app with app updates to make the users experience better.

Updating your app for re-evaluating and revising features is a very good thing. You can formulate future strategies and understand how to direct your users towards profit maximisation.

4. Preventing bugs

Having an app for your business must have already had you “bugging” with bugs, right? The worst part about having bugs getting into your app is that they might have nothing regarding your app. It could have probably happened because of the changing systems. Changes in software and database can also cause bugs. Updating your app on a regular basis can help you get rid of bugs in your business app. Bugs entering an app makes the functioning of the app slow and disturbing. With constant updating and cleansing of the app, you can make sure that your app remains bug free for the longest time.

5. Showcasing achievements

Updating your business mobile app regularly is a symbol of showcasing your achievements to online users. Imagine opening an app which is extremely outdated with really old features. Would you be interested in using that app? No, right? Likewise, online users out there would no like using an app which is obsolete and would prefer an app which is new. You need to keep updating your business app regularly and showcase your achievements via your app. This will show that your company is working round the clock to better a user’s experience and is not stagnant. Regularly updating your app will do you much good in the longer run when it comes to impressing online users.

Why You Should Regularly Update Your App?

Updating your business app regularly is a must since it will bring your business a higher revenue. Make your app on ON AIR App Builder today! Start now!


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