Understanding Enterprise App Development Challenges & Solutions In 2021

Enterprise App Development

Enterprise app development is in demand between business owners. This is because of the awareness on how mobile apps are crucial for successful business. 79% of US companies have contributed their major success factor to enterprise apps.

The Enterprise app development process allows companies to create customized software to enhance their business. This is the best choice to drive efficiency, boost employee involvement, and streamline their workflows. Typically, there are 3 types of enterprise apps.

Company Level Apps: The whole organization works in a private network. Here, different departments can work together.

Employee-level Apps: Messaging tool to enhance communication between team leaders and developers to improve company’s overall performance and efficiency.

Department Level Apps: advanced HR management apps enhance human resource productivity and resolve employees’ issues faster.

Even though enterprise apps have many benefits, getting one designed can have many challenges. Actually, the larger the enterprise, difficult it is to create a mobile app that can offer all the relevant features to its audience.

So, if you are in the process of enterprise app development here are 5 common challenges that can befall and solutions for the same.

Information Security

Security violation such as credit card fraud or identity theft is the biggest concern. An app manages a plethora of sensitive data on an enterprise level, including personal details, account information, and social security numbers. In case, you are an enterprise dealing with a lot of financial statements, data loss can turn into a serious threat for your business. And that’s why every top-notch enterprise app needs high security.

Solution: You need a periodic app vulnerability test to secure data loss and threats. This test will help you test the app, the server, and backend are secure or not. In enterprise app development privacy protection and user permissions should be prioritized to keep it safe from any violation.

App Updates

To ensure that mobile apps work seamlessly within the organization, they should see if the apps are in sync and always in use by the employees. However, if employee is using different or older versions of the same app, it should not create hindrance in communication as well as operations. Enterprise level organization invest hundred and thousands of dollars to create these apps so they can’t afford any haphazard.

Solution: You must have enterprise mobility management/mobile app management in the place to ensure proper enterprise mobility.

Managing Big Data

Massive data base is an inevitable part of any enterprise. And with such massive data comes the data center costs, network costs, and storage costs. In order to keep the user response rate intact managing this huge data is a challenging task during and after enterprise app development process.

Solution: Move the static data on a big data platform which offers security, storage.

Proper Resources and Expertise

In the process of enterprise app development finding the ideal resource with professionals is one of the biggest challenges. with a confined understanding of the basic app development quality assurance & lifecycle are the actual challenges that enterprises are facing in today’s advanced era.

Solution: Ensure your app development is experienced enough to provide you the best services. For this, they must understand the significance of UI/UX design, quality assurance, security, and back-end integration.

Designing User-Interface

When you are working in an enterprise app development, everything from your vision to mission to core pillars of your organization is all well planned. When your app is operating on a massive scale, you need to make sure that your enterprise mobile app must also have a great user-interface as well! And for that, you need to keep a track of the latest UI design trends.

Solution: A good UI is more about usability than it is about functionality. 

Enterprise App Development

Integrating Backend resources

Enterprise app development also faces difficulties in integrating backend resources. So, it is really important to have integrated system apart from good designing user interface.

Solution: Having an integrated system allows users to perform all necessary actions from a single app. It improves efficiency and reduces data redundancy. Also, your whole team stays on the same page. 

Superimposing API strategies

it is important that you devise a solid API strategy during enterprise app development. APIs allow certain functionalities to work on your app when they are integrated. Where most organizations face difficulty is when they are applying a suggested API on an existing API strategy for the app.

Solution: It is important that the developers should address that the current strategy coherently works with the existing strategy and both are fit to work together without any conflict.

Much like any other app development, the designing and development process of an enterprise mobile app requires full focus and all the hard work of the development team. At various stages, there may be different concerns that may pop, which needs to be addressed accordingly.

Understanding Enterprise App Development Challenges & Solutions In 2021

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