Programming iOS App: With the ON AIR Appbuilder

ON AIR Appbuilder - iOS Apps Programmieren

If you want to program your own iOS app, you either have to hire an expensive expert or develop the app yourself. Not correct! The ON AIR App Builder makes it easy to develop an iOS app for the Apple operating system. And you do not have to be a professional for that. In this post we will tell you how it works!

In three steps to the iOS app

It’s incredibly easy to program an iOS app. Hard to believe, but true! With the ON AIR App Builder it’s only three steps away.

Step 1

After you have registered with ON AIR, you can choose between many different designs. Just choose the template that suits you best or the one that best suits your company. Then you can individualize them step by step - for example, background color, font, accent color et cetera.

Step 1

The second step leads us to the details. Add text and images, play with the available building blocks (for example, include Twitter timeline) and upload your logo. And many more features are waiting for you. Just try our individual kit system. When creating your iOS app, always ensure appealing design, quality content, and an intuitive interface!

Step 1

The third step is testing. As many people as possible (family, friends, acquaintances et cetera.) should put the app through their paces before the release. Especially awesome: If you work with the ON AIR App Builder, you can test your app at any time. Even while you're programming your iOS app.

The release of your iOS app

Are you satisfied with your app? Then the big day has come. After you have entered all the required data into the publication section in your ON AIR Cockpit (and have created your certificate from Apple), your iOS app can finally be launched.

It’s too complicated for you? Do not worry, we’ll also take care of publishing your app.

Here is the tutorial that you need to publish your app: Apple Developer Account

Conclusion - program iOS app

Programming an iOS app is not difficult at all. All you need is the ON AIR App Builder, which guides you one click at a time. Most important without having to write only one line of code. Best of all, ON AIR also supports you in publishing. The way to your own iOS app can be that easy.

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