Program Android App: With the ON AIR Appbuilder

ON AIR Appbuilder - Eigene app erstellen

If you want to program your own Android app, but have no idea about codes and web design, you have to hire an expensive professional, right? Not correct! The ON AIR App Builder makes it easy to build your own app for the popular smartphone operating system.

In three steps to your Android app

Hard to believe how easy it can be to program an Android app. With the ON AIR App Builder, you can do it in three easy steps.

Step 1

Choose your favorite design. Thanks to the individual kit principle you have the choice between many different designs. Just select the template you like best. Then you can customize them one click at a time.

Step 2

This step leads us to the details. Choose your preferred font, play with the available kit sytem and upload your own pictures and photos. Needlessly to say, you can also insert texts and tables. Just everything you like in your app.

Step 3

Test, test, test. Before the go-live of your app, it is essential to put it through it’s paces. That's the only way you'll notice bugs and other problems with the app. Especially awesome: If you work with the ON AIR App Builder, you can test your app at any time. Even while you are stil programming your Android app.

The big day is here: the publication

You have invested a lot of time in programming your Android app? You checked them thoroughly and included friends and acquaintances in the test run? Then the big day has come: the release is due.

To publish, simply navigate to the publishing section within your ON AIR cockpit. This will open as soon as you have registered and logged in to the ON AIR App-Builder website. In the publishing area you have to enter some data about you and your app. Voilà, now your app can go to the Google Play Store.

Do not worry, if this is too complicated for you: Our team will be happy to assist you in the release process. Here is the tutorial for the Google Developer account you need to publish your app.

Conclusion - program an Android app

Programming an Android app is not hard at all. All you need is the ON AIR App Builder, which guides you one click at a time, creating your app. All of that without having to write only one line of code. Best of all, ON AIR also supports you in publishing. The way to your own Android App can be so easy. Just try it out!

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