No-Code App Development In 2021 And Beyond

no-code app development

No-code app development also called low-code app development is a method of building applications without having to write code. This is made possible by no-code platforms, which enable builders to drag-and-drop pre-configured blocks to create advanced, enterprise-grade applications.

Currently, the IT sector is facing major five obstacles. These obstacles include lack of bandwidth, inadequate budgets, obsolete legacy system, skillset gap, maximizing developer productivity. But the best No-code app builder will help solve this problem and will eventually take over enterprise app development. Because low-code/no-code platforms can increase developers’ efficiency by between 50% and 90%.

Top 3 benefits of no-code application development

So, no code solutions have a proven track record of being much more effective than their traditionally-developed counterparts. Here are 3 reasons why:

Align business and IT

No-code app development facilitates the ultimate partnership between business and IT, with both sides making the most of their unique skills and experience.

Bring products to market faster

The drag-and-drop functionality of no-code app builder rapid prototyping. So, which in turn means products can be brought to market much faster than via traditional programming. These no-code builders can be used to build complex, enterprise-wide applications, not just simple applications that individual departments need. But it can create “comprehensive, robust, scalable, and secure solutions” for corporations with thousands of employees.

Enable easy development

No one understands business processes and customers better than business-side employees. So, including this unique insight in the software development process is invaluable.

You might be wondering how it’s possible to build advanced applications without writing a single line of code. Whilst the basic idea is the same behind most no-code app builders, but there are of course differences between vendors. Naturally, we know the most about our own platform, so we’ll show you the no-code ropes from an ON AIR App builder. 

ON AIR app builder consist of the following key ingredients

User Interface Builder

Use the drag-and-drop interface to rapidly construct web pages to your exact specifications. From header to form to table, simply drag the blocks into place and instantly see how your page looks on desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Visual design

We replaced complex code for a straightforward, drag-and-drop interface. So, Process and manage your data easily through visually modeling. Fast, fun, and easy, with endless possibilities.


Easily integrate with all kinds of web services like Slack, Twitter, Facebook, etc. No-code app development platform fits into every IT landscape and provides modern possibilities for legacy systems.

no-code app development

Apps to build using No-Code App builder

Mainly three types of application you can create easily with ON AIR App Builder

Database application

These apps provide the functionality to administer the business data for internal use.

Web Application

A web application bridges the gap between your back office and front office for applications that are built to be used publicly. The web application type uses both the back office and web module. Why? The web module is used for a customized user interface and the back-office module is used to administer your data.

Mobile application

Customize the front end specifically for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, rather than large desktops. The application is web-based and you have full access to all elements of the web browser. And no software installation is needed.

No-Code app is the future

No-code app development platform supports the entire digital transformation process. From idea to experimentation to solution to innovation. And by facilitating the effective and efficient implementation of a continuous stream of new ideas. With no code, your organization can easily implement or transition to an agile development strategy. And it allows users to rapidly develop new solutions to transform business processes and meet ever-changing customer needs.

Business developers and other non-programmer roles can step in to meet the demand for faster application delivery. And this can be done using agile, scrum, and collaborative development methods. A successful no-code strategy creates synergy between the business and IT. Also, supports a culture of shared language and goals. It maximizes the full potential of each department, improves communication, and generally makes projects more inspiring for all involved! By sanctioning the use of no-code tools, IT provides a regulated environment from the start. And has full control over the business’ software activities. 

To summarize, no code app builder is intended for enterprise organizations who are serious about building advanced solutions, who are innovation-focused, and who want to be leaders in their fields. Because it’s a means of addressing the challenges in using traditional development methods alone, and of adding new benefits and possibilities to the development process. 

Low-Code/No-Code: App Development In 2021 And Beyond

No-code is driving the future of rapid application development. So, demand for applications is so high that there are not enough resources to keep up with the market. But business needs are not aligned with the capacity of the IT department – and no-code is the solution. Get ready for the future of apps with no-code app development. You can start with ON AIR App Builder and create a flawless app in 3 easy steps. Start now!

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