How Mobile Apps Can Improve HR-Employee Engagement


HR-Employee engagement is one of the most important aspects of running a firm or a company. When an employee engages with the company, that shows their emotion towards the goals and work of the company. If an employee works very hard and wants the company to succeed, they have a very high engagement with the company. Likewise, when an employee is not very highly engaged with the company, they do not feel the need to perform extremely well and excel.

An engaged employee is not just interested in the pay cheque they get after each month. They work towards the company’s growth as well as their personal growth in terms of their work. Employee engagement can be very beneficial for the company. Once employees are highly engaged, they get super motivated in working for the greater good of the company. It helps the business reach its full potential by increasing communication and production levels of every employee in the firm.

Here is where technology steps in. Apps, a major part of our lives today, can work as a great tool in employee engagement. Apps these days are being used widely as sources of communication. With technology advancing by the day, apps have also changed the way people function daily. Apps are being excessively used in offices too. HRs that is the personnel belonging to the Human Resource department can use apps to keep their employees engaged and build an emotional connect with the company. Research states that Employee engagement and technology has a direct correlation. If a company opts for the latest technology, employee engagement increases while as the technology becomes obsolete, employee engagement decreases.

Mobile apps and mobile technology offer HRs and employees a massive array of advantages. From sharing personal information to sharing work statuses, an app can help an employee engagement through everything. Mobile apps for employee engagement are now acting like a boon for every company. They can reach the entire global workforce and collect huge amounts of work-related data as well. Allowing and accepting feedback on mobile apps is also an advanced and helpful feature.


Mobile apps for employee engagement also work as a great tool because the look and feel of the app can be personalised according to the local and global market. Employees can share ideas, discuss hot topics and also review previously done work on these apps. Big firms around the world have now started opting for HR apps because it saves times, improves employee training, saves cost and makes work more convenient and fun.

Let’s now have a detailed look on how mobile apps can help HR and increase engagement: –


With such advanced features that an app can offer, efficiency of the employees is bound to increase.  Time does not get wasted in communicating a particular thing amongst employees. All the wasting of time gets nullified and the employees end up being more efficient with their work. With mobile apps, HRs can give their employees work over the app and assign tasks, set deadlines for the task and then once the task is completed, even evaluate it. With apps having a record for everything, repetition of work is avoided and only important work is done at a fast pace.

Mobile apps have a function of portability too. With mobile apps work can be done anywhere and at whatever time without delaying the work. Considering apps can also work offline, there is not much time that an employee can waste and the efficiency increases.


With apps being an easy way to connect with the entire workforce globally and locally, collaborating work gets very easy. When employees have a good employee relationand feel connected with each other, it improves engagement at work. The problem which takes place with large firms spread across globally is that employees from across the world cannot connect with each other in order to collaborate. With apps, this problem has been taken care of. Mobile apps can be a super solution to bring about collaboration in disjointed teams. Contact information of co-workers are also readily available on apps so that employees can push messages forward easily and get work done.

Training of Employees

One of the main functions of HRs is to keep giving employees opportunities to get trained and enhance their knowledge in the field. Employees need to learn continuously and develop their skills every now and then. With apps coming into existence for employee engagement, new ways of training employees can also come up. An app with a menu driven interface can increase the employee’s effectiveness in terms of information. Employees can quickly read up on information just looking at the menu and be well informed with whatever new is coming up. This makes the entire learning process a lot more exciting and interesting for the employee. Once the employee starts taking interest in learning new things in the company, employee engagement will automatically increase.

Employee Engagement Measurement

Apps can thoroughly help HRs in measuring employee engagement via an app. Mobile apps have become the best way for a company to conduct surveys for their employees. Due to the feature of saving and reporting data, mobile apps can also gauge the aspect of employee engagement in a company.

Mobile apps can effectively measure an employee’s engagement with content and help get instant feedback on the same. This is very effective and beneficial for company’s when they want to gauge the employee engagement is the company. Once questionnaires, surveys and informative sights are uploaded on to an app, the information can be fully managed by the app without having the need of reviewing it.

How Mobile Apps Can Improve HR- Employee Engagement

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