Let your app be programmed: We have an alternative for you!

You would like to launch an app for your restaurant, hotel, club or other business? But an app agency is too expensive for you? Never mind. We have an alternative for you: the ON AIR app kit!

The ON AIR Appbuilder in overview

App programming with our Appbuilder belongs to the past! You can create your own app in three easy steps. And this is how it works:

1. Choose your favorite design

In the first step, you can choose a suitable app design. Of course, you can adapt this to your own ideas with your own building blocks, colors, pictures, fonts and more.

2. Build your own individual app with modules

The second step is to add any app content, from texts, chats and forms, to images and videos, to tables and columns. With the ON AIR app kit you have almost no limits.

3. Test and publish your app

For you, we have developed an ON AIR previewer app for iOS and android. So you can test your app at any time during the entire design process directly on your device. Of course, you can also have family, friends and so on test it. Done testing? Then you can publish your app now!

Advantages of our ON AIR app building kit

  • No programming skills: Probably the biggest advantage of our modular system is its easy operation. Even beginners can use our kit – without any knowledge of programming.
  • Low costs: Unlike an individual app development by an agency you save a lot of expenses. You can test our ON AIR App Builder for free with full functionality. Only if you want to publish your app, costs do incur.
  • Support: Do you have questions about your app? You can reach us under the mail address support@onair-appbuilder.com.
  • Immediate results: As mentioned earlier, our free ON AIR previewer app is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Through the app you can see directly throughout the design process.
  • Little time expenditure: If you create your app with an app kit, this is less time-consuming than the development by a programmer or agency. With ON AIR you can start right away and you avoid annoying consultation.

Conclusion: Let your app be programmed

Let your app be programmed: The ON AIR App Builder is a great alternative. Especially when factors such as cost and time play an important role. Have we convinced you? Then try our app kit for free.

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