How to Pitch A Mobile App to Clients


Know everything about how to pitch a mobile app to clients. Technology is advancing and it is the best time for agencies to bloom. They have a great opportunity to expand and grow. Increasing profits should be the prime goal of most agencies today. You can earn heavy profits by becoming an app reseller. Make an app and sell it to a client to make money. We will give you a few tips upon how to pitch a mobile app to your client.

All businesses today can benefit from an app. Considering the current times that we are at home; apps can save the day for many businesses. It is one of the best online tools to do business and connect with potential clients.

Everything that you need to do once your app is made is nearly in place. All you have to do is find a client who will be needing an app for their business. You as a reseller need to come up with a great pitch for the mutual benefit of both, you and the client.

Apart from having a properly functional and user engaging app, you need to have a tact to sell your app to a client. Give your client all they information they need to understand how important it is to have an app for a brand. Once they understand the benefits an app gives to a business, they will be game to have the brand’s app on board.

Here are a few tips upon how to pitch a mobile app to clients: –

1. Understanding Client Needs

While selling an app to a client the first thing you need to take into consideration is understanding client needs. A huge mistake that app resellers make is that they pitch the same thing to every client. Every business is different and every client will have different needs. As an app reseller, you need to thoroughly understand what your client expects the app to do. The app you sell to your client should solve their purpose fully.


Get to the crux of knowing your client and be specific. Pitch to them exactly what they are looking for. Once you understand your client, pitching an app will get a lot easier.

2. Address their problems

Businesses are looking to make apps to do better in the market. Every business wants to be successful but they all have their drawbacks. You need to strategically pitch your app to your client. Research and identify problems in their business model and tap the correct spots to make it right. Offer your client an app that will solve their problem. This will help your client conduct their business better. As an app reseller, the minute you convince your client saying you will better the business, they are bound to buy the app from you. They are too looking for the best results that an app can offer them. Convincing them correctly is going to win you the client.

3. Create a timeline

You are sure to get a few questions from your client during your pitch. Every client asks the one question, “so how do we proceed?”. You need to be prepared with a timeline that you are going to pitch to the client. Explain to the client how your app can help them achieve milestones in the course of their business. You need to proactively prepare a timeline for your app’s pitch because you cannot keep the client wondering. Make a such a strong timeline that your client understands most of the things in one go. This will make your app’s pitch extremely strong and will make you get closer to your goal of selling the app.

4. Learn from unsuccessful pitches

Always keep your eyes and ears open to listen to stories of unsuccessful app pitches. An unsuccessful pitch is something you must always attain learning out of. Make sure you know thoroughly why the app pitch failed because you do not want to make the same mistakes in your app pitch. Knowing from the mistakes of others gives you room to make lesser mistakes. Every pitch works on a trial and error basis because clients do not have a set reaction. In such cases, it is best to know what mistakes your fellow app pitching mates have made so that you can avoid them completely.

5. Research about competitors

Research is a very crucial thing you need to focus on before creating your app’s pitch. You need to research about the existing competitor brands in the market. Mention to your client that they will step up their level if they introduce their app in the market. They will get a competitive edge in the market since a higher number of people will know of their brand compared to the others. Even millennials today are for the brands which are technologically more advanced. Your client will get a competitive edge over the youngsters too.

6. Explain your vision

The client you are pitching to cannot assume what you are trying to imply. You need to be very explanatory while you are pitching your app to your client. This is very important. Your client needs to understand your vision fully in order to know where growth lies in the app development process. They will be for the idea of having an app for their brand only if you pitch your vision for their brand correctly. This is why you need to be very precise while explaining your vision during pitching your brand

How to Pitch A Mobile App to Clients

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