How to create an android app for your blog without coding


Creating an app for your blog without coding might sound like a challenging task but it is just 3 steps away with ON AIR App Builder. Create an android app online for your blog and get exposed to a larger audience. A larger number of people will get in touch with your content and will give your blog a lot more engagement.

Blogging is a great way to share your experiences, adventures, wisdom and musings with the rest of the world.  Create a simple android app online to make your online blog more famous and accessible for your audience. With most of us leading busy lives, constantly on the run from one place to another, it can be difficult to set aside time when we get home to update our blogs regularly, which is why many have turned to writing and managing their personal archives from their mobile phones.

Blogs are getting more and more recognition every day. Documenting and blogging your day’s experiences with a knack of making it relatable is driving people on the internet insane. They cannot help but ask for more bloggers to blog their daily schedules. With so many bloggers on the internet, the market is not yet saturated since people on the internet love seeing what most people around the world do as a part of their daily lives. 

The blogging culture is insanely interesting. You might be someone living in Germany, having a regular schedule to go about your day but for someone living in Japan, your day might be extremely different and intriguing. You can jot your experiences down on your blog and make it available for people around the world. Create simple android app online for your blog and help more people know about your day.

In this article, we will talk about a few reasons why your blog needs an app. Read the article further to get an insightful gist on the same.

Here are a few reasons why you need to convert your blog into an app: –

Reaching a Larger Audience


Smartphones are one of the most used devices in the world today. Every other person is using a smartphone. If you create an app for your blog, you will get access to a larger audience. People on the internet are downloading a huge number of apps every day. Making an app for your blog will be extremely beneficial because your app can get downloaded by a larger audience.

It is really simple to create an app for your audience. It is important that you go where your readers are, instead of waiting for them to come to you and your website. Create an android app online and get your readers easy access to your blogs.

Increased Blog Traffic

Traffic on your blog can be increased with an app for your blog. Create an android app online with ON AIR App Builder and make an app for your blog. There will be more traffic that will get directed to your blog when you make a simple app for it online. Smartphone users spend 90% of their time on mobile apps. This tells you how much time you can expect your readers to spend on your website and how much you can boost the time spent on your blog by turning it into an app. 

Better User Experience

Give your audience a better user experience by creating an app for your blog. Create an android app online and introduce your blog to internet users with better functions and features. This will eventually give each and every user a better user experience. An app is way better than coming to your website and reading your blog because websites can be accessed only on a computer. Add on to a better user experience with an app for your blog. A mobile app provides a significantly better user experience as compared to a blogger blog. Not only does a blog look better as a mobile app, but it can use the native features of the mobile device to provide a more engaging experience to the reader.

Improved Communication

Apps improve communication between your audience and your blogs. It is always best to create an online app for your blog if you are looking for good communication with your audience. Create an android app online and improve communication with your audience thoroughly. It is easier to communicate with your readers through a mobile app. This means you can let your readers know about every new post on your blog and every reply to their comment on your post with well drafted, targeted push notifications.

Offline Usage

An app for your blog will allow your readers to access your blogs even when they are offline. With a website, that is not allowed. You cannot access a website unless you have a secure internet connection. Offline usage is much of a boon for bloggers because people get time to read blogs at length when they do not have internet connected to their phones. Readers would be able to use your mobile app even in case of low or no connectivity. One of the most important advantages you get from converting your blog into an app is the fact that you make your content available to your readers irrespective of their network connectivity. This is why you must have an app for your blog.

How to create an android app for your blog without coding

If you want to make an app for your blog, get on to ON AIR App Builder and make on today. Start now!

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