How to Create an Amazing App Icon?


Apps have become an essential part of our daily lives. We cannot possibly imagine are lives without smartphones and technology anymore. Apps have made every little aspect of our routine relatively easier. Whether it is getting the everyday bit of groceries or it is booking a salon appointment, an app can make everything much easier. A few clicks here and there and the task is completed. It is just that simple. However, humans differentiate between different apps with the help of different app icons that the app is associated with. In this article, we will talk about how to create an amazing app icon. Read further to get an insightful gist upon how to create an app icon.

Creating that singular piece of graphic design that users will first interact with each time they encounter your product can be intimidating. A beautiful, identifiable and memorable app icon can have a huge impact on the popularity and success of the app. It can grab a user’s attention and increases the user’s relatability with the app.

Theses days, there are millions of app available for downloads in the app market. The market is extremely saturated and making a mark with your app is going to be a difficult task. This is where a good app icon steps in. If you want your business app to be one of those essential apps that people would willingly download, you need an icon that makes your app look irresistible. Otherwise, you’ll have a tough time enticing people to download your app in the first place, much less actually use it.

Let’s get a deeper insight into how to create an amazing app icon. Here are a few tips on what it takes to create an app icon which is appealing and user enticing.

1. A Unique, Bold Shape

This almost goes without saying, you have to make an app icon which is absolutely bold and unique. That is the one way in which you can help your business stand out. Mimicking a style or a trend is perfectly fine, but make it your own. Your icon will be constantly competing with other icons for the user’s attention, and standing out can be a perfectly valid argument for a design.


A unique and bold shape will always help your people online retain the essence of your brand. Humans tend to remember unique designs and ideas for a longer time and that is exactly what you want for your brand. Create an app icon which is absolutely unique and bold in shape.

2. Say No to Words

Having words on your app icon is an absolute no. Always remember to use little to no words on your app icon and play more with graphics and detail.

Words and pictures are separate representational tools, and mixing them in what is supposed to be a graphical representation usually leads to an experience that is cluttered, unfocused and harder to decode.

An app icon is a really small box on a phone screen. It is very unnecessary to load the icon with words because the small size of the icon will make it impossible for people to read the words on the icon. It is best to create an app icon with no words at all.

3. Simplicity is the Key

Avoid cramming lots of colours or images into your app icon. Even if you decide to use a variety of colours and graphics, the best icons focus on one element or concept rather than trying to jam every feature into a tiny icon. You want to go for instant recognition — if someone needs to squint to make out the details of your icon, you’re not accomplishing your goal. The best option out while creating an app icon is to stay as simple with your design as you can be.
The one exception to this is the gaming category, which has many successful apps with cartoon-like graphics in their icons to show off featured characters and gaming elements. But even if you’re creating an icon for a gaming app, keep it focused and simple.

4. Keep a tab on Competitor App Icons

The essence of being the best in your league is by knowing exactly what your competition is up to. This is the same case with your business app icon. Create an app icon which is better than all your competitor app icons by keeping a strict tab on your competitor app icons. With this, you will know what is currently trending and how different app icons are working in the market. This little exercise can be extremely insightful because it will help you know what you must incorporate in your app icon and what you should not incorporate. Create an app icon after seeing what your competitors have created.

5. Know Your Audience

Always know your audience when you are trying to create an app icon for your business app. The application icon for the local organization, for example, the food delivery service, will differ from the icon for the company that wants to enter the international market. In the latter case, you need to be sure that you’re using universal symbols that will be equally perceived by people from different parts of the world and do not offend anyone’s feelings. This is why, you must thoroughly know your audience before creating an app for your business.

How to Create an Amazing App Icon?

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