How to Build a successful B2B Mobile App

B2B mobile app

B2B mobile app category has become one of the most emerging and exciting segments. The principles used in B2B and B2C are completely different. Hence, the app development cycle for B2B is quite different than B2C development cycle.

In this article, we will see how you can create a successful B2B mobile app that will help your business grow.

Before we start with how to create an app let’s take an overview of the B2B market and their app types. Till 2017 mobile apps were completely customer-centric. However, with change in the market and mobile solutions businesses start to discover ways to enhance business. Through mobile app businesses organize their internal operations, find new partners, provide services to other businesses. And optimize their interactions with all parts of their supply chains.

Forrester states that 75% of B2B buyers prefer to make purchases by themselves without consulting a B2B salesperson. This is a clear case for B2B commerce and is one of the reasons it’s becoming more and more popular.

Let’s look at some of the factors that make this industry so lucrative

  1. The popularity of mobile devices
  2. A need for process optimization
  3. Real-time data collection.

Depending on the goals and task that particular business wants to accomplish B2B apps are further divided into categories:


Of course! Just like B2C eCommerce apps, B2B mobile apps are created but only for the customers with the business. businesses now understand the importance of providing their partners with the same level of service B2C eCommerce apps provide.

This level of services is made possible with features like

  1. Product listing
  2. Push notifications
  3. Order management
External Management

Creating a B2B mobile app using an app maker website like ON AIR App Builder helps to coordinate with vendors. Apart from this, manage supply chains, and facilitate communication between different actors. These tools include CRMs, project management apps, and online conferencing apps.

Internal Operations

Applications for internal operations help businesses manage their internal processes and operations and facilitate communication between departments and employees. And there are lots of products for internal operations, including corporate messengers, CRMs, finance management tools, and so on.

B2B mobile app is known for optimizing real-time purchases and customers. So, the business operations can be improved significantly by leveraging the real-time data collected from B2B apps, a powerful medium to unearth data-driven insights regarding partners, clients, and employees.

B2B mobile app

Developing a successful B2B mobile app

It is important to provide massive value to the audience keeping customer requirements, tech-stack solutions, business targets, core objective, and other features in mind if you want to create the best B2B mobile app.

Flow with the latest trend

In order to move in the right direction tapping into trends that will benefit your clients is very important. Best way to look at it using competitor analysis. If you want to create a best-in-class B2B app doing robust research and planning is very important.

Social Media

As a B2B company, you can get the best out of social media. Because today social media is not only about connecting with your family and friends. It has gained importance in B2B business. Where you can create a business page with information about your business, vision, etc. Furthermore, you can create and run powerful campaigns targeting smartphone audiences and encourage them to install your application.

Customer relationship management

In order to build a better relationship with clients integrating CRM tools in B2B mobile app is crucial. B2B apps with mobile CRM can provide a gamut of features such as sales management, contact management, and employee management, which streamline the whole business process. 

Reviews and Ratings

To increase the level of trust amid your target audience and high search credibility in the app stores including review and rating options is a must. As the number of applications is increasing on a daily basis, customers are relying more on the past experiences of other customers before initiating the transaction or building trust in a brand. 

App store optimization

As every app store has its algorithm, having a deep knowledge about the ins and outs of each store is vital for the businesses to ensure their mobile application gets maximum exposure and better ranking on the platform, whether it is Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store. A company should not ignore the optimization of the released application on the app store.

B2B mobile app requires more development time than B2C apps. Hence, building a mobile app for B2C using an online app builder is preferred as it saves time and effort. The biggest challenge with a B2B mobile app is getting the first users. However, once your app gets traction, it will bring more revenue and more frequent orders than its B2C counterparts.

Apart from security, good experience, and reliability feature, B2B mobile app should pay extra attention to the latest trends that include a focus on user experience. Also, make sure your application tackles business issues on the spot.

How to Build a successful B2B Mobile App

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