Get Good Reviews on Your Ecommerce Business.


 Get good reviews on your Ecommerce Business. Considering our current scenario where the world is dealing with a deadly pandemic, people have stopped visiting shopping malls and are heavily dependant on online means to shop. This is an ideal time for online business owners to flourish. With the right use of the internet and marketing policies, online businesses can earn high sales during this time.

Speaking of sales, when a customer purchases a product online, they get to give a review from their end. After using the product, a consumer can give either a good review, bad review or a detailed review of how they liked the product and sales services of the company. 

Research shows that more than 80 percent of shoppers go on to the search bar to search for their desired product and then immediately check its reviews and ratings before purchasing it. Around 50 percent of the people go in for products which have a 4-5 star rating. Here is the thing.  

You may have a lot of competitors trying to sell the same product as you but you can always stand out with good reviews from your customers for ecommerce business. You will always find your competitors in the market selling the same thing, until and unless you come up with a new idea to the market. 

Reviews are very beneficial for a customer who is at the receiving end of your product. If your product has a good review from fellow consumers, the consumer will be able to trust your product better. In case you have a good product but your review section is full of bad reviews or no reviews at all, you might not get enough sales from your online audience.  

You cannot be the best at everything. It is a super tedious and futile thing to do. Instead you should start addressing why should people choose your products to buy? Once you start asking the right questions, you will be somewhere with getting the right answers.

The minute you try to be a consumer, you will be able to understand how a consumer will perceive your product.  For this, you can consider one thing, all that most people think about that is customer reviews especially when your business is based out of the E-commerce market. 


People relate a lot to previous customer reviews. These customer reviews entirely depend upon how your customer liked your product, whether it solved their purpose or not and did they receive the right customer service. Even if one of the three are not correctly provided to the customer, they will go ahead and write a bad review for your product. Keeping the customer happy in all aspects is all you have to focus on as a business owner.

No wonder, customer reviews are an indispensable asset of a company that assists to improve the sales and performance of the business. Customer reviews act as a foundation on which a new customer’s judgement is based. If you want to ace the Ecommerce business, this article consists of a few tips of how you can generate good reviews for your ecommerce business.

1. Feedback

While doing business, always remember that customer is king. Their feedback is something you must always consider. If you do not value your customer’s feedback, it can backfire on you and your business. A customer once left unhappy will never feel the need to visit your website or app again. They will also write a bad review which will eventually influence another set of online audience to not purchase a product from you.

Just reading reviews about the product is not the only thing a customer considers. Approximately 97% of customers pay attention to how the business team or owner responds to the reviews. You can uplift the sale of your business by responding to customer reviews just after they submitted and say thanks to those who leave positive comments. 

By doing this, you can change your customer into a loyal one. They will only want to buy your product given a choice. The process gets easy on both ends if the customer has had a good hopping experience.

2. Enabling product reviews

Reviews are very important. Customers check reviews and decide whether they would be interested in purchasing your product or not. You as a brand owner need to make sure your customer leaves a customer review. How is that? You can keep the review section in a place where the customer can easily navigate it.

If writing a review on your page is a tedious task, a customer would rather not write a review at all. They will not be interested. While, if you keep your review section easy to spot and make the review writing process easy, they would love to write a review.

3. Appreciation

Appreciate your customer’s effort to write a product review for your product. Once a customer leaves their feedback on your eCommerce website or app or any other social media account, always show your regards with a polite thankyou message. This will help you express your gratitude and that is the least thing you can do.

Showing appreciation towards your customer directly can boost your web exposure. While you write a thank you message you can add your keywords about your business that will help you appear in the first few options on the search engine page. 

4. Affiliate Marketing

Use affiliate marketing tools for your online business to grow. This term might be very new for any but trust us, it is super simple to comprehend. Let’s understand this in simple words, via affiliate marketing a publisher makes a deal with a company and creates promotional posts and ads which include the links to the company’s website. 

Traffic gets directed to the website and gives the company more recognition. With this, they can earn profit from each sale they make. In this context, when a user gives a useful review about your product, your brands reputation gets enhanced. You can then share the positive reviews of the product on social media platforms and other channels to entice more customers and bring more sales for your business. 

Get Good Reviews on Your Ecommerce Business. How?

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