Creating an app for Food Trucks on self appbuilder

Make an app that helps you compete in the business without any coding.

Today, more than half of the time spent online is on mobile (tablet or phone) and applications account for more than 80% of the time spent on mobile.

Too often, food delivering app are an exact replica of the desktop version. However, the mobile version of a website must be treated as a second site, designed and optimized for tablets/phones in terms of ergonomics, design, content, etc. All this to offer a better browsing experience and features of food truck app to your customers, clients. The same is true for mobile applications.

With self app builders like ON AIR, you eliminate the need of a desktop version. Create an app for your food truck business in simple steps and the lowest cost. You won’t need an army of developers or tech support. Right from the creation of your food delivering app to publishing it on the Appstore or Playstore is managed through the ON AIR platform.

Stand ahead of competition

To do this, you must first study the behaviour of your best customers and their needs. Then, you have to scrutinize your competitors, to see what their application contains (if they offer one). Finally, you have to understand your added value to realize what will make your application unique and useful.

The best food delivering apps are the simplest. Sometimes a single feature of a food truck app can be sufficient. Depending on your market analysis and your concept, self appbuilders offers you themes, designs and templates.

Thinking, developing and maintaining an application is a real investment of time and money. It is a definite advantage if it brings real unique value to your customers. Otherwise, forget it. In any case, a regularly updated mobile app is now mandatory and hence you must create an app for your food truck business.

A no-code platform is the easiest way to add the best features of food truck app and reach customers across the country. It will make your restaurant as mobile as your customers!

How to create an app on appbuilder?

To create an app for your food truck business is often a choice, but it is also sometimes a way of launching a business with a more moderate budget. We know how much opening an establishment, in the food business, can be inaccessible if you are new to the industry.

Developing a mobile application with ON AIR would not fail your budget.

Fortunately, creating your food delivering app with an app builder saves time but also money, because it is a generic solution and therefore much cheaper than custom development.

Features of Food Truck App

  • CMS, to publish content directly from the back office of your app
  • Ordering and tracking
  • Menu and image uploads
  • Customer account (to maintain history of orders)
  • Push notifications
  • Geofencing
  • The map, form, contact section
  • UGC (for users to share reviews with you and with your community) and more !

Create an app for your food truck business in 5 steps

  1. Define the features and design of your application.
  2. Insert your content – Use ON AIR Drag and Drop Builder for it
  3. Test your application on your smartphone
  4. Publish on the App Store (iPhone) and Google Play (Android phones)
  5. Send push notifications to your customers and view your statistics

Creating an app for Food Trucks with ON AIR Appbuilder

Do you want to build your own food delivering app for a restaurant, café or food truck? Do it conveniently and at low cost with the ON AIR Appbuilder. Make an app that helps you compete in the business without any coding. Get started now!

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