Common Questions About No-Code App Builders


The online life of a business entirely depends on a well functioning business app. Every business feels the need to have an online presence in today’s day and age. With most businesses going digital, every other business feels an urgent need to build an online presence for their brand. There are numerous ways to create an app and, in this article, we will be talking about one way at length. Here’s an insightful gist about a few common questions about no-code app builders. Read the article further to know more.

There are two essential ways of creating an app for your business. You could either get an app developer to create a complicated app for your business or you could simply take help for ON AIR App Builder and create a no code app for your brand yourself. If you are to choose option one, you will have to pay a huge some of money to the person who is developing your app. They charge a very big amount in order to make an engaging and user-friendly app for brands. If you choose to make an app on ON AIR App Builder, you will get to make a super engaging app for your online audience yourself! This platform does not require you to know coding to make an app for your business. Just 3 simple steps, choose an app design, add app content, test and publish. A user-friendly app for your audience can be created within minutes at a really low cost.

People are usually apprehensive while creating a no code app for their business. There are a lot of questions and myths people usually have regarding no code apps which we are going to address in this article. Here’s a list of a few common questions about no code app builders.

1. Will the business grow enough with a no-code app?

No code apps perform very well on the internet. Your business will grow immensely with a no code app for it. In fact, creating a no code app for your business is a very sensitive move. It is very easy to make a no code app on a no code app builder like ON AIR App Builder. Just 3 simple steps and voila, your business app is made. With this business app you can help your business grow online and reach out to millions of internet users. Having an app for a business has now become a necessity. However, you can simply fulfill this necessity by creating an app for your business yourself with a no code app builder. 


2. Are no code apps equally engaging as coded apps?

No code apps are equally engaging as coded apps. There is absolutely nothing to worry about. No code apps are known to be equally engaging as coded apps because there is absolutely no difference. Create an app on ON AIR App Builder all by yourself and enjoy the perks of having an extremely engaging app for your business.

Apps are created in a way wherein they help online customers engage with the brand better. There needs to be a strong connect between customers online and the brand in order to increase sales and revenue for the brand. Unless people online do not feel a connection with the brand, they will not feel the need to buy products and services from the brand. It’s just that simple! This is why it is very important to have an engaging app for your business and a no code app can help you achieve this goal.

3. Is it possible to create an app without coding?

The answer is absolutely yes. With drag-and-drop components and the complex interface customization on ON AIR App Builder both developers and non-developers can quickly assemble customized workflows and functionalities. In other words, no code allows your team to maximize the potential of agile development and to create tailor-made solutions for your business.

In addition, because no code app builders are capable of designing business processes and workflow applications at a large scale, they are a perfect choice for enterprise level businesses where complexity and customization are equally important elements.

To sum it up, it is possible to create an app without coding for your business with the help of ON AIR App Builder. You can make an app on this platform without needing to know coding at all. Just 3 simple steps and a well operational app for your business is ready!

4. How to Launch a no code app?

After you have launched your no code app into the market, your project isn’t finished. You will still have to release updates, fix bugs, add new features, and improve functionality. In other words, you should consider your app as a living product that needs continuous attention. It’s essential to have a plan in place to maintain the stickiness of your app. Your no code app is as good as a coded app and needs equal attention during the launch.

Once you’ve launched your no code app with the help of no code app builder, you should monitor analytics closely and identify areas where you can provide more value. You need to analyse screen flows and evaluate how users move through conversion funnels. By paying close attention to these metrics, you can determine how to expand your product to optimize lifetime value. A no code app cannot remain static and still be successful. Make sure your app can evolve as user behaviour changes.

Common Questions About No-Code App Builders

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