Boosting Holiday Sales with Business Apps


The holiday season is a great time for everyone. Whether it is about vacations, great food or business sales, the holiday season has something in store for everyone. Apps have changed the way people function these days. Almost every basic task now has an app for it. Technology is taking over the world with leaps and bounds which is in the best interest for all. A business can always bloom during the holiday season if they have an app for it. A business can be booting holiday sales with business apps to a great extent. Read the article further to know more.

During the holidays, there is a larger number of people sitting at home. They are not preoccupied with work and have all the time in the world to relax and do the things they love. During prolonged holiday seasons, most businesses do a lot better compared to the usual days. This is because there are a higher number of people moving out for recreational activities, shopping etc.

Business apps also do a lot better during the holiday season. Since everyone is at home and have time on their hands, they open various apps and consume all sorts of content I their free time. People also book their salon appointments or book their grocery order when they have a prolonged holiday. This is why sales during the holiday season is high.

However, there are a few more reasons as to how your business can be boosting holiday sales with business apps: –

1. Drive traffic from social media

Make the best use of the growing popularity of social media. Promote your app on the various social media platforms and et a larger audience know abut your brand. Most people are usually scrolling through social media in their free time. When it is the holiday season, people around the world are free and social media has a high engagement during that time. You can do some vigorous promotions on social media sites about your business app and gain a lot of attention. 


You can drive traffic from social media towards your app and increase your revenue. You existing app users will also feel a new energy and get reminded of your brand again and again sine everybody uses social media these days. This will want them to open your app and look at what is happening since they got reminded of your app.

2. Push notifications and in-app messages

Push notifications and in-app messaging makes your users feel a sense of importance. Who does not like feeling important? This is exactly what you need to do to tell your app users. Show them how much you value them. Make the best use of push notifications during the holiday season. Sen in reminders vis push notifications and in-app message to your app users and let them know about the holiday offers you have. It will create a new wave of excitement amongst your existing online customers giving you a higher number of sales and revenue during the holiday season. Sending in personalised push notifications always makes a huge difference.

3. Holiday themes

Bring up the holiday excitement with a constant holiday theme on your app. Let the app interface scream out loud that it is the holiday season. An app user will instantly feel a rush of excitement when hey open your app to use it. This makes users feel super excited to purchase things on your app because the festive feels set the buying mood jus right. A constant festive theme is more appealing to the eyes and shows a shift in the mood of the app. Share the holiday spirit with your customers and bring a smile to their faces b creating an amazing holiday theme app design for your app.

4. Upsell and Cross-sell

Holiday season calls for holiday discounts and offers. Upselling and cross-selling is one of the best ways to earn loyal customers during the holiday season. While you sell a particular item on your app, make it a deal by giving away a bonus item. This will make a valuable package for a customer and they would want to buy more items from your app even in the future. Online users will start believing you give the best holiday deals and will eagerly wait for your holiday sales. Give your existing customers the best service so that they stick by your app and even promote it to their friends and family via word of mouth.

5. Prevent cart abandoning

While someone is shopping on your app during the holiday season, they may add the items they want to buy, to the cart and abandon the cart. They might change their mind of buying the products they have put in the cart. You can change their minds back to buying these items if you use the right means.

If they have added items to their cart, they had intentions of buying your product. They might have just put the app of and forgotten about the items they have put in their cart. Send in personalised text messages to them saying you are still waiting for them to finish their purchase. If that strategy does not work, let them know when there are discounts on the items they have put in their carts. This will help you change your potential buyers into actual buyers. During the holiday season, everybody is in the mood to shop and you can make the best use of it.

Boosting Holiday Sales with Business Apps

Holiday season is the time when most people have an intention to shop. Boost holiday sales on your business apps the right way. Get on to ON AIR App Builder and make your business app today! Start Now!

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