App Review Process: What needs to be considered with Google?

In the first part of our app review process series, we looked at the app review process in general. In this section, we’ll focus on Google’s app review process: what needs to be considered to successfully upload an app to the Play Store? And what is strictly prohibited?

App Review process at Google

You want to publish your app in the Google Play Store? Then you should pay attention to the following points.

Is your app appropriate?

Before you submit an app, you should ask one of the following questions: Does my app violate any applicable law? For example, apps with content that sexualizes minors may not be published. This also applies to apps with pornographic content, hate speech, violence, bullying and harassment, drugs or dangerous products.

Does the app really come from you?

Apps using names, brands, titles or logos of other apps or companies are not allowed. It is also strictly forbidden to use the work of third parties in a misleading or unfair manner. This not only harms the users, but also the developer community.

Is your app secure?

Google will provide its users with the highest level of security. That’s why the company attaches great importance to privacy. Apps that are harmful or misleading will not be approved.

Do you use unfair strategies to win users?

Everything that you do in connection with your app (e.g. advertising) has a fundamental impact on the quality of Google. Therefore you should absolutely avoid spam entries or low-quality advertising. In addition, apps that harm the developer ecosystem are not allowed.

Does your app meet user expectations?

Does your app often crash? Loading something too long? Then you should revise your app again. Your app should provide users with a basic level of functionality and a good user experience. Apps that offer no functional added value are not a useful addition to the Play Store. Your app should be stable, attract attention and react as expected by the user.

Is your app designed for children or families?

App targeting children but containing mature topics are strictly prohibited. Google offers you a platform for presenting age-appropriate content for the whole family. You should absolutely make sure that the app is suitable for children and is in accordance to all relevant laws.

Guidelines from Google

You want to know more about Google’s policies? Then read them attentively in a quit minute. Here you will find all the information you need.

You also want to make your app available in the Apple App Store? In the third part of the App Review process series, we’ll tell you more about this topic.

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