4 Tips to Speed Up Building Mobile App

Build Mobile App

Building an mobile app is top priority for someone who is venturing into the entrepreneurial world. A mobile app is the customer-engaging facet of your web-presence. And once the customer is involved in your app- well, you have hit the market.

While building mobile app you should focus on speedy and robust delivery. Before you jump right into building an app you need to understand the practices for speedy mobile app development and thing to follow to ensure quality as per the industry.

So, let look into the 4 tips to speed up building an app:

Define the minimum requirements

The key is knowing specifically what you want to build. But do not get misguided by the word “Minimum”. The word speaks for the minimum features and not minimum efforts. Sometimes people do have clear vision of the end product but it includes too much complex features. Which makes it difficult to breakdown the minimum requirements.

Do you know? Instagram started as a photo sharing app but today they have popular features like Insta Live, Stories and Direct Messaging.

Do not wait to enter the market with fully functional product. Instead, create something that addresses the minimum requirements of users. And gradually adding complex features depending on the feedback.

Focus on the minimum requirements not only shorten the delivery time but also consolidate the central concept.

Start from wireframes and choose tools and materials

Wireframe will give a rough blueprint of what you need to achieve. Design is very important factor for robust application. Because it not only provides look and feel but also provides the liquidity factor to you app. This makes it easier for you to choose the right tools and materials.

But building mobile app online with ON AIR App Builder, these tools and materials are very easy to access. Once you get familiar with the platform and each content available on App Builder, you will be able to come up with the ways to turn ideas into apps faster.

Hence, building mobile app without coding using ON AIR App builder will definitely speed up the process of development.

Build Mobile App

Try and stick to native designs

You must first decide what you want to achieve with the initial version of the app. Do you want to stun your users with astounding user experience and beautiful animations? Or do you just want to enter the market with a usable MVP (Minimal Viable Product)?

If customer experience is your priority, then stick to native designs because native designs provide a faster interaction and the look and feel are consistent with the other apps present on the device.

A quick test is also important while building an app. But here key is to make small changes and test if that works. Instead of making several changes and testing at once. This way, it will become difficult to tell where the things went wrong. ON AIR Previewer App is the best thing for testing quickly.

Yes, we should start developing each requirement toward the end product. No, we are not going to make it look like an end product right away. Instead of starting from your desired style and feel, it is usually more efficient to quickly try out each component and get to know if it fits your needs. If everything goes well, that’s perfect; if not, we get chances to adjust accordingly with low time investment since we haven’t put much time and effort into the entire app experience yet.

Building mobile app without coding using ON AIR App Builder is the best way to test, iterate, and build quickly.

Beautify Immediately

Once you have app content locked in, it’s time to get to work on the complete product. At first, your app will not look beautiful but it is functional. As you gain confidence, you’ll also clearly able to define what to include in your product. There can always be feedback and improvements based on what was done in the sprint, but always try to keep it to a minimum.

Ensure that all the sprint candidates are on the same page and the product owner is able to clarify all queries. Meet for backlog refinement mid-sprint and always ensure you have enough groomed backlog for at least one upcoming sprint.

Embracing the concept of MVP, creating better designs by starting from wireframes, sticking to native designs, following agile development, and planning a design review are but some of the ways you can speed up your mobile development timeline.

4 Tips to Speed Up Building Your App

It is always better to build mobile app with minimum requirements and get done with familiarity first. With the help of these tips and ON AIR App builder you can accelerate your App building experience. Start Now!    

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