Wie Apps in Covid-19 Zeiten helfen


Here is everything you should know about how apps are helping in Covid19 times. The covid19 pandemic has had devastating effects on the lives of many. The entire world had almost come to a standstill with countries going under strict lockdowns for days. The coronavirus was spreading like wildfire and Governments had to get stricter with social distancing rules. Many businesses had to stop operations because of nationwide lockdowns. Amidst all of this, digital boons like apps could help businesses function during the pandemic. Apps have helped businesses and individuals greatly during the Covid19 pandemic.

Covid19 does not stop at being the worse health disaster but has also changed the way the world used to function. All of us have been home bound for months to prevent the spread of the virus. It has affected the economies a and businesses of the entire world. A huge amount of energy, resources and new strategies are required in order to help your business sustain these challenging times.

Digital apps have been our saviour through these dark times. With the ability to provide online services to individuals, apps have made social distancing considerably possible. People have also been entertained by apps during their brutal house arrests.

Companies and businesses who have switched to digital platforms at the right time have been reaping it’s benefits during the coronavirus pandemic. Digital apps have skyrocketed all over the world in the year 2020 because of the shift in consumer behaviour. If you do not have an app for your business yet, we will take you through a list of industries which have functioned well with apps during the lockdown period.

1. Bildungs-Apps

The coronavirus pandemic did not spare the educational industry either. Most educational universities and institutions have been shut for the longest time. The shut down was down as a precautionary measure to prevent students from getting infected by the coronavirus pandemic due to close contact.


The coronavirus pandemic has revamped the way students’ study. Educational institutions have taken the digital route to combat the problem. There are educational apps which help students’ study in these difficult times. With no access to schools and colleges, a single app can make up for most of the educational work students have in schools and colleges. From homework to class tests, everything can be pretty much managed on an educational app. Apps also have a system of rewarding students when they have done well in their tests, just like school.

2. Unterhaltung Apps

Since most people around the world were locked up in their houses to curb the spread of the coronavirus, entertainment apps helped greatly. Entertainment apps acted like a stress buster and helped people divert their minds to something fun and creative. Movies, memes, web series, funny videos and a lot more are available on entertainment apps.

They also have a wide reach since it keeps people entertained at a stretch. Investing in an entertainment app is always a good option. This is because, most people are spending their time on entertainment apps all day long. A recent study says that entertainment apps are doing extremely well in the markets today since they have been of great help during the coronavirus pandemic. 

3. Gesundheitspflege-Apps

During such a massive healthcare crisis, the world could not have managed without healthcare apps. These apps are very useful in such times. With healthcare apps, individuals in need can connect with the concerned people as soon as possible and get medical help immediately. The process is just a few clicks away from completion.

Doctors can also give their patients a video consultation which is the safest option for a patient to take during such times. Healthcare Apps also feed your medical history data which makes the medical consultation process a lot easier. Patients can get immediate medical assistance wherever they are and at whatever time they feel the need to get assisted.

4. Shopping-Apps

Malls and supermarkets are unsafe spots to visit during the coronavirus pandemic. Apps can help you shop for all the things you need just with the help of a shopping app. Shopping on these apps is not only safe but also super convenient. You can scroll through the various options available to you and choose hat you would like to buy.

You can pay digitally and receive your products within a day’s time. Shopping apps were used widely even before the pandemic hit the world but in the recent times it has gained even more popularity than before. Today, these shopping apps do not only solve the purpose of making the shopping process easy but also tick all the boxes of safety.


5. Apps für Fernarbeit

Working from home is the new normal in the current world. All the companies across the world have asked their employees to work from home during the extensive country wide lockdowns. Coordinating work from different homes is not an easy task. Here is where remote working apps steps in. They manage the entire coordination for companies while their employees work from their respective houses.

Remote Working Apps are doing very well in the market since every other company is feeling the need to get digital help for coordination. These apps help to keep all the work on a single portal so that every employee remain well aware of what is happening in the organisation. Features like chatting, video conferencing, task sharing and a lot more have made these apps very useful for such times.


Wie Apps in Covid-19 Zeiten helfen

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