How to Report Bugs

Unfortunately, bugs happen. As much as we try, it’s impossible to make your App 100% bug-proof. So, in case you have one to report to info@onair-appbuilder.com, here are a few tips for you to do it in the most effective way.

Before reporting a bug

  1. Test ON AIR in the Incognito (private) mode (to exclude the possibility of browser extensions interfering) and in a different browser. Close all browser tabs and applications running in the background if needed.
  2. Clear your browser’s cache & cookies, restart your browser, and hard refresh the page by clicking F5 (or Ctrl / Cmd + R) several times.
  3. Check your Internet connection or switch to another, preferably faster network. Feel free to try different VPNs if necessary to avoid any security blockers in your network.
  4. If you use desktop / mobile application, try to re-install it and test Miro using a web-version.
  5. Sign out and back into your ON AIR profile and see if that helps.

All of this helps to either start a new working session and ensure you are using the latest client version or check whether the issue is caused by / connected with something in your setup.

Contact us

If the recommendations above didn’t help, please contact ON AIR Support at info@onair-appbuilder.com. We’d highly appreciate if you spend some time to continue reading this article, so we can get as detailed as possible request and help you promptly.

Thank you!

Submitting a bug

There are a few things you can do that will help us identify and fix the bug quicker:

1. Add the word “bug” to the subject

It’s a little thing, but it helps us spot these tickets in the queue and reply to them faster.Example: “Bug in the Links edit menu”

2. Include a detailed description of the bug

Tell us what the bug is about and describe the steps to reproduce it. Here is a good example of a bug report:

1. Open any App, click Share.

2. Add the email addresses of collaborators.

3. Click Send.

4. Expectations: the App shows the message “Invitations sent” and the collaborators receive an invitation to edit the App.

5. Reality: the message is shown, but none of the collaborators received an invitation.

2a. Include the App URL

If the issue or a bug is App-related (happens only on specific Apps) the link will be of huge help.

  • duplicate the App and check whether the bug also happens on the copy or only on the original board
  • if the bug is not seen right away and requires steps to reproduce it – share the App (with editing rights) with info@onair-appbuilder.com
  • if the bug occurs on specific Apps and is only seen by specific collaborators – please also list the email addresses of the affected collaborators.

This information saves a lot of time and effort when investigating the bug.

2b. Specify the device, OS, and browser version

Let us know the device, OS, and browser version you were using when the bug occurred.

3. Send screenshots, GIFs, or a short video

Attach a screenshot of the bug. This helps us get a better idea of what it is you’re referring to exactly. If you can take a screen recording of a bug, it’s even better!

3a. Provide your browser console logs

1. Open the browser developer tools (
for Chrome, IE, Edge;
for FireFox, Opera;
Alt + Cmd + I
for Safari
subtab). You should see a menu similar to this (the example is from Google Chrome):

2. Reload the page to clear unnecessary data.

3. Try to reproduce the bug.

4. Send us a screenshot or a video with the console logs.

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